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Some call it “tips” or “contributions” but I prefer the term “Tribute.” And I do love tributes. The bigger, the better. And consistency is key! Spend deep and spend often. I have a financial fetish, so it is the easiest way to please and impress me. 
That said, all tributes, big or small, matter. Some might send me $5 a day every day, while others will empty their bank accounts for thousands each month. Send generously and send often. Show your adoration and worship with every tribute you pay. After all, all your money is better off in my capable hands.
My Clips4Sale is my favorite way to receive tributes
Amazon e-gift cards (which you may send to are also accepted

There are so many ways to pay tribute that a horny supplicant may not know what is best to do. I created a “Preferred Websites” page with a list of my favorite websites, all of which allow you to send me a tributes. If either of my favorite methods listed here do not work for you for some reason you may refer to my Preferred Websites page to find a number of other options.

Remember, when you purchase clips, custom videos, webcam sessions or other products/experiences, it is not considered a tribute. All tributes are given freely, without any expectations.

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Webcam Rates, Protocols

Custom Video Rates & Protocols

51 Responses

  1. unimpolite says:

    thank You for sharing Your wisdom

  2. scott J says:

    Where do I pay”{L????

  3. Chris Walker says:

    So love you in nylons and pumps.

  4. alfhh says:

    Good morning Goddess Kyaa. You own me and I just bought your video ” Blue Eye brainwashing wake up weak ” Thank you so much for leading me deeper and deeper into complete submission.

  5. Norm Weldon says:

    Dear Goddess, to try and console you for missing out on the rental you so dearly wanted, I will buy at least one of your clips every day Tuesday thru Friday of this week. I realize I’m also spoiling myself in the process, but really, your happiness is of paramount importance.

  6. […] Q: How do you accept Tributes? A: Kinkbomb, Clips4Sale, and NiteFlirt. See my Pay Tribute page for links. […]

  7. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for Your mercy in providing this generous coupon code SummerofKyaa Simply reading the words Summer of Kyaa makes me tingle all over.
    To be allowed to have the chance to put those beautiful words together, You give the opportunity to make this a summer of click, pay obey. Obedience to You in essence guarantees a wonderful summer of humiliation, a summer of suffering, a summer of sacrifice, a summer of cum… a summer cum free !

  8. mila6200 says:

    Thank You, Goddess Kyaa! Your are a kind and generous Goddess!

    i am gratefully looking forward to the Summer of Love, Worship and Kyaa, 2013!!!

  9. Peter says:

    Dear Goddess Kyaa, I beg you on my knees to put on a new coupon code so I can buy more videos. My addiction drives me to your kinkbomb store and I need more and more. It would motivate me to go further and further to become your mindless slave forever. Thanks in advance, Peter.

  10. […] I will spell it out for you. Pay tribute, spend! Just because I let you have these photos without making you buy the set doesn’t mean you can jerk […]

  11. […] […]

  12. Dylan Hesselgrave says:

    Goddess Kyaa is overwhelmingly powerful. My wife (who I just got married to 2 weeks ago) is in the shower, and i’m talking to Goddess Kyaa for the first time, obeying her instructions to submit and jerk to her. Thank goodness we live in miami where it’s really hot right now and causes my wife to take long showers 🙂

  13. […] […]

  14. loyalpup4Kyaa says:

    thank You Goddess for providing an easy place to tribute the required instant message fee befor the dog bids its Owner good night. Goddess is kind, beautifull and deserving of obedient slaves and pets

  15. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You for Your coupon Goddess Kyaa,but that is nothing compared to being allowed to say ..i Love You Goddess Kyaa !!! You are special ! i Love You Goddess Kyaa !…and thank You for letting me Love You ! Thank You !

  16. goodboy4kyaa says:

    And a Very Merry Kyaamas to You Goddess Kyaa ! You are the reason for the season ! You are the Joy to the world ! This is beautiful Kyaamas card from You. “Hark the herald minions sing ! Rejoice for the comfort and joy the gift of salvation that Kyaamas brings”

  17. kyaasbard says:

    Beauty, kindness, wisdom, Thank You for Your blessings Divine One. You are The Light in the Darkness.

  18. sissy steven says:

    Goddess has been turning me more and more into her sissy over the years until i have gotten to the point i am at now…helpless, pathetic and completely addicted to her. i will be getting on cam for her for the first time this week to show her how desperately i want to serve

  19. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence,Thank You for the privilege to Worship You through Your videos through which a filthy sinner can learn how to pay,obey surrender,sacrifice and suffer for You is more than i deserve.Because i do not deserve to know of Your perfection,it is one reason why Your coupon is so fucking special.You are Holy,Sadistic and Evil,and You also very kind to Your Empire of sissies,servants,slaves,pigs and all the rest.Thank You Goddess Kyaa

  20. slave bene says:

    Goddess Kyaa, thank you very much for giving off 25 percent on 29 clips i ordered yesterday.
    I hope you spend a lot of money on your Las Vegas road trip and enjoy every single moment, so your slaves can work even harder for you! Again thank you very much,
    vielen Dank,
    merci beaucoup,
    mille grazie,
    muchas gracias,
    muito obrigado, Goddess Kyaa.
    slave bene

  21. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for Your training on not to take Your kindness for granted.Without a new coupon code it is a vivid reminder that a sinner does not sometimes realize what they have until they do not have it anymore.i did notice that Your coupon has been expired for much of the month.
    But. To know of Your existence is more than i deserve,,,,,,and then i am going to beg for Your coupon too? It’s somewhat of a catch22,i know to receive Your kindness i must pray and beg for it,but in the other hand [no pun intended] i feel guilty. May Your will be done Goddess Kyaa. To Pay,Obey ,Worship and live to make You happy is my sole purpose in life.

  22. Peter says:

    Goddess Kyaa, thank you for your extreme generosity. It gave me the chance to buy more videos than I thought was possible. Now I need all clips and wish you would change the coupon code still. I understand it that you don’t because we didn’t thank you enough. Sorry for that. I think I don’t earn a coupon code anymore but that won’t keep me from buying more and more clips. You are fantastic for gaving us these chances. Now it is our time to provide you with all you deserve (and more).

  23. Kyaas_bard says:

    Pray and pay, give tribute to the Living God Kyaa, convert to Kyaaism and pay Tithe to Her Holy Church.
    Be saved !

  24. Gaurav says:

    I am Goddess Kyaa’s indian brownboy servant

  25. Sissyslave4kyaa says:

    Goddess kyaa for some strange reason it has took me a while to tribute but tonight I couldn’t resist any longer, the 50$ I gave is nothing for what you do to me, I promise from this day the only thing that I truely care about is making sure that you are worshipped and treated in the way you should be, so that is the first payment which I promise will be one of many, for a sissy slut loser I know I am and dressing myself in my leather gimp suit being your slave is the only thing I really truely dream about.

  26. Kyaas_bard says:

    Divine One Your kindness to Your unworthy pets shows us once again how blessed we are to be at Your Holy feet, You are our light in the darkness, i pray in thanks to You for Your goodness and kindness.

  27. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You very much for Your coupon to have a chance to spoil You while You are away.Not only are You Pure ,Evil and Sadistic but also a very, very kind Goddess.It is more than i deserve to be claimed by You as a piece of Your private property.[i kind of threw in the word “private”,giggle.] i guess that is true.i am owned by no one else.Only You Goddess Kyaa ! That sounds and feels good to me.Thank You Goddess Kyaa.

  28. Can i say,, cum party? Goddess Kyaa is happy!

  29. sissysplosh (@sploshslut4Kyaa) says:

    For anyone who might be new to Goddess Kyaa’s Universe through Her website, treat yourself and DO go at least check out Her Kinkbomb archive. This sissy promises that you won’t regret it. Every one of Her videos is so powerfully erotic and captivating…MILES above the classless ‘run-of-the-mill’ femdom stuff that oozes all over the net. The purchase tributes are already ridiculously low to be privileged to be immersed in Her exquisite Perfection. At 25% off, you can’t go wrong. If you tribute The Goddess for even a couple, take it from this sissy that you won’t be able to help yourself but to develop delerious raving fetishes you never even imagined you could have had. You will LOVE every one, and find yourself thanking Her for Her gift of them. That’s just how it goes in Goddess Kyaa’s realm.

  30. sissysplosh (@sploshslut4Kyaa) says:

    Your sissy kinda thinks that Kinkbomb owes YOU more than You owe Kinkbomb Goddess Kyaa. Your incredible videos MADE that webhost!! Thank You SO much for the discount code. Couldn’t resist using it for Your latest ones with Mistress B…so needed them! Too easy to use…just typed it in and 25% of my order right then and there. Only trick now is to find the time to worship them appropriately. Once Your sissy starts watching it usually needs at least a solid 24 hours to exist thinking about NOTHING but how I am Your slave…looping them over and over & tormenting myself so I suffer properly for Your Perfection.

    Thank You again Goddess Kyaa. Can’t WAIT to quiver in worshiping ecstasy over these!!!!

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