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276 Responses

  1. sheizhidao says:


  2. Arnold says:

    I worship you Goddess Kyaa 🙏🛐

  3. Lk says:

    I love her so much

  4. Mar rahat says:

    I love you💗

  5. Jay Thomas says:

    This is Your obedient Kyaaist.
    Below is my private email.

  6. Peterguy824 says:

    Hello again GoddessKyaa, was wondering where I can access the session u did with Will Tile? I’ve been having trouble messaging u on Onlyfans. I thought I left a message there but don’t know if u received. I left u a small tribute on Clips4sale. thank u for ur time.

  7. Shrimperbitch4life says:

    I want to cut off mine as nd mount them in a luciteblock🌲🌲🌲🌲for Goddess to use as a door stop.

  8. Matthew says:

    OMG! When I uncovered your “Evil” Demonic Goddess; opportunity to impress an evil; hate filled enjoys misery brutally Ruling over an ugly pig for you. Pure object eats sleeps and breathes your comfort along with pure objectification brainwashing; each and every single day crying terrible tears in misery for your sheer enjoyment. Nice to daydream at times.

  9. Aleksandar Ski says:

    Dear Domme Kyaa,
    i want You to castrate me…

  10. Aleksandar Ski says:

    Dear Domme Kyaa,
    I want to become yours…
    I am waiting for the opportunity for you to make this happen…
    Please activate the slave application form asap…

  11. Aleksandar Ski says:

    I want you to shit in my mourh then i want you to order me to lick your ass clean of shit…

  12. Aleksandar Ski says:

    Dear Domme Kyaa,
    I want to eat your shit.

  13. obdntslv77 says:

    I’ve been listening to your new year a new life video series. I have the first four of them and find that I’m irresistibly drawn to your power, control! Your beauty is only surpassed by your power!

  14. Caleb says:

    Dear Goddess Kyaa I will obey your every command. I never thought I would eat my own cum. But watching that video of you commanding me to, I couldn’t help it. And I couldn’t help to like it. And now I’ve done it more than once. I don’t know how you have this control but thank you Goddess Kyaa

  15. Caleb says:

    Goddess kyaa. I serve at your feet. I am a new minion, who will worship you at his knees. I just recently came across you accidentally on one of your videos. It started to play before me, and I couldn’t look away from your gorgeous blue eyes. I suddenly found myself obsessed with you, I can’t stop thinking about your beautiful body and voice. Dwelling on how to please you. I keep trying to pul away from your spell but I can’t seem to break free. I’ve thought about asking you too let me free from your hypnosis, but I relized that’s pointless. So if you could just comment me back to tell me how you want me to worship you, Goddess Kyaa.

  16. thetool2334 says:

    Dear Mistress Kyaa. I know you are irrestable and superior to me. I am very respectful and i know my place. Im new to your site but i have seen clips of you. Astonishing. I will never be rude but i want to beg for permission to ask you something
    I know i dont desetve this but i felt i could ask or beg in the proper way so as not to be like the other male dogs. If you will allow me to ask this please let me know
    Or how ever you want slave to get your answer. The question will be tastefull snd respectful
    It will.not be dirty ot sexusl or about nudity in any way
    Please may i ask Mistress Kyaa. I will tribute as soon as i can
    Waiting for my checks. Was in a life threatening situation in hospital for 38 days and in bed still but i am getting better
    Thinking of being a foot slave has kept me going
    Thats why i decided not to be so afraid of talking to Mistress goddess
    I was snd still are a gentleman and a funny guy you can show off like your clown
    Well Mistress Kayy, this slave will wait and hopefully we shall speak or communicate

  17. Tom D'Angelo says:

    Dear Goddess Kyaa,

    I absolutely love you! Your face, body, and feet are absolutely the sexiest, most amazing and wonderful in the world! I wish I could make you as happy and excited as you make me! I am totally addicted to you and very happy you are in the world! Thank you very much awesome Goddess Kyaa!


  18. Chris says:

    Goddess Kyaa, please use that huge black dildo on my virgin ass soon. K Thanks bye. ^__^

  19. John says:

    Hello, goddess,I wish I can please you with my five inch penis

  20. nithin says:

    can u trample me mistress 😍😍

  21. domme kyaa what to be slave says:

    Happy new year Goddess kyaa you’re the most
    Amazing gorgeous powerful woman who deserves to be worshipped
    Hopefully one day I can be worthy of serving you

  22. collegeguy94 says:

    I worship you Goddess Kyaa. You are so perfect. I wish I could male you happy. I have cum to your pics and videos every single day for as long as I can remember. Thank you Goddess Kyaa.

  23. Kelly says:

    Kyaa, you are the sexiest thing on this earth, i get hard just by the thought of you. I would do anything to be your pet. I dont think im worthy of being is your presence. No one is. You are truly perfect. Your feet are like an angels. I would be truly the biggest honor of my life if you would contact me and tell me what i can do for you to give me the great pleasure 9f being your slave.

  24. Mert Serin says:

    Hi Domme i recently watched a video of yours and that was awesome please contact me i want to talk to u ur feet was amazing i want to massage your feet😅😎 i live in Antalya, Turkey please respond i love u really literally i fall in love with u u are really amazing!

  25. Josh says:

    Lol perverts to a whole new level

  26. Miguel says:

    How much will it cost to make fun of me for having a small, Mexican, brown, ugly, UNCIRCUMCISED dick?

  27. Glorious and most Elegant GODDESS KYAA,

    for all to know, i want to beg for forgiveness for still executing christian rituals. You know, that i only do it thinking of You. But still it is almost like a blasphemy against Your Divinity. GODDESS KYAA, please forgive me and help me and us all to spit on our false religions – BECAUSE YOU ALONE ARE GOD. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  28. KYAA is GOD and i give Her my life and my soul ! ! ! !

    Goddess, thanks for allowing us to get so close to Your Sacred Being.

  29. i believe and i confess the power of my GOD. Her most holy name is KYAA.

  30. alfhh says:

    I bow down before you my Goddess, praise you, pray to you and beg your for forgiveness of my unexcusable behavior against you, your subs and your fans.
    Probably I am the most worthless creature under the sun. At least I feel so and actually I have not deserved to get merci, but I know you have also a heart of gold and maybe this heart open a door back into your exciting world of domination, back into Kyaaism – the only true religion with you as the Goddess of the universe.
    In deepest devotion
    Your lost Lamb Alfons

  31. Luke says:

    Bahahahhahahahahah not. You couldn’t break or do anything to me. That was all a dare hahaha what you are doing is wrong

  32. Luke says:

    You own me. I have left negative comments before but your power has won..it is so hard for me to say this because I can have any girl I want in the outside world and you own me…you broke me. and I love it

  33. alfhh says:

    Dear Goddess Kyaa,

    thank you so much for leading me deep into your dark world, caught in your net where an escape is never possible.

    Your fucking hot beauty, your wonderful blue eyes and your perfect voice let make my voice get numb, unable to resist. I am getting weaker and weaker with every day, And every single day I get brainwashed a little bit more.

    I am eager to worship you, to crave your hypnotic voice, to obey and to lose my own mind completely on you.

    You own me my goddess, my world and my religion.

  34. Carlos Santos says:

    Greatest Kyaa,

    Goddess on Earth,

    this is a very contribution. Take some calm
    30 minutes to read it. Be slow and patient.
    Work it. It took me 20 hours to accomplish.
    Its of great value, will give you fundament.

    Will bring Your Project a long leap forward.
    Take as much of it to your own ideas as you
    like. Use the words in your training-sermons.
    I would love to serve as your spiritual twin.

    i hear you saying:

    “My Feet are in control of everything. I am just a vessel to delivered messages from them. Whatever they do is them. Whatever I say is from them. They do not care what you think. They think for you now.”

    And you go on saying rightfully as you are always right, anytime right: “My Feet are everything.” And you continue: “My Feet are your Religion”.

    Your Feet are not simply best, that would do them no justice, neither would “Cult” be a sufficient description of their unseen beauty, no, – indeed – they reach the highest scoring in the valency of mankind: That is Religion. – I almost passed out when I saw You the first time explaining that Your Feet will rule us now – starting today.

    You will explain “You only need my Feet. Never forget: They are everything.” Yes, Goddess, they are everything. No boobies, no sympathy, no Intercourse, nothing else. Yes. That is my dream, it is the most loved dream I can imagine. Only Your pure feet are pure paradise. As soon as anything else comes across or beside Your Feet, no matter what, the pure delight between Your Feet and my Face is spoiled. It is my dream to get only your feet and nothing else from you. It is my dream to be truely dominated by their changing moods. It is my dream to be suffocated to death as Martyr of these pure, divine, cold, moist, pale unforgiving virgins. What a wonderful death!

    I really want to die for them. I mean it – my life is so boring without them, it is totally worthless. What is Mekka, what are the holy places of Jerusalem and Rome? Compared with the real Religion these places are empty stone temples invented by idiots for idiots. Now we want to check out what is the difference between a simple foot fetishist and a religious fundamentalist. There is so much value in Your Feet. It may be possible to balance a rejection of religious faith with selective reverence for religious rituals. However, we must stress that Religion is the most successful educational and intellectual movement mankind has ever seen, and our Religion makes no difference in this matter, because it tells people what to think. You could even copy the didactic tricks of a Pentecostal preacher. “Do you hear me?” he shouts, “I say – do you hear me?”. Daily bouts of meditation on the immensity and uncompromising elitist beauty of your classical feet will offer us lectures and solutions to our self-pity and anxiety. Natural Theology. Our deepest emotions for Your Feet must be hard-wired into our cortex with your sermons. Your sacred and transcendental Feet bind the whole community together in one believe. Intention, responsibility, emotion, that is what Your Feet deserve all the time, 24 hours. This is what gives us identity. On the face of Your Feet we contemplate, we may only see their outward form and color but we pray to what is inside of them. They see their human followers as objects rather than as subjects. They are God.

    Whatever religion people may still pursue, now the time has come for a change where we all should give up on it and convert to our one really Holy, Divine Feet-Religion of our Majestic Prophet for which no name yet exists, which however should rule severe and ruthless. Yes, please rule in that black Leggings of yours or even better in black Stirrup-Pants that underscore Your milky, holy Feet as so very much outstanding – and gives them more conviction than any Gucci, Hermes or Saint Laurant could ever do. I love it! I love it!

    What a boundless, merciful generosity of Your Goddess to enlighten us underdogs with these undescribable white beauties. Once we see these shining Saints we loose our right to breathe. We, most of us, we are, since our very earliest childhood, all desperate, most extreme foot-fetishists, we never, ever had any chance to see the light in this world, the only true and ultimate salvation. And that is you. So, to name You Goddess is by no way any exaggeration. It comes so natural. You are the Prophet of Your Feet. And as you wear black Leggings, we all hope and pray with you that your feet will rule the few lucky faces under them merciless. Whatever mood Your Feet are in, whatever they want – it will become the iron Law for any face. He, who not understands to really impress the Empress as our religious Leader or he, who will not happily offer all extraordinary sacrifices that this religious Leader demands, will be terminated. I must however, taking it a gear back, mention briefly that we need senses too and we pray that Your Holy Feet have a strong, proven tendency to a sudoriferous habit and that they tolerate only rarely sock- or stocking-changes. They should be washed and brushed in warm milk. Well, Milk and fresh blood sacrificed to them by your worshippers, mixed with your own piss and mixed with expensive honey. The more intense the saints scents build up over time, slowly but steadily growing to a ripe, intense aroma, may it be cheesy, musky, buttery or Rosefresh, the more we all want to lick them thoroughly until our tongues hurt so much that we cannot speak even one single word.


    Proposals and suggestions:

    01) Beside the entrance-door in Your home church there is a small table with your shoes on it. Every time the Foot-Fetishist leaves the house he has to kneel down before this Altar with your shoes and speak his prayer to them, which he has committed completely to his memory. He has to switch on a video-camera before starting his divine services for later random control by the Goddess of its accuracy. He knows that even a slight touch of Goddesses Sandals or the touch of his lips on her worn sneakers is more important than any sexual intercourse he ever had even with the most attractive girls and women in his former life.

    02) He wears at all times a special leather-metallic chastity belt. Above that he wears – to additionally secure his sexual abstinence – a pair of short, thick, tight rubber-pants. There is a small outlet for his piss. However, to free his bowels, he has to ask politely, if this could be possible. For this favour, since he needs the help of Goddess Kyaa, what is in itself an unthinkable impudence, but yes, he needs a real Majesty to help him to remove both his stinking rubbershorts and the chastity belt under it. Gosh! It is obvious that this is a very tall “order” from a pig. A distasteful, humiliating inconvenience for the Goddess. Therefore it is up to Her Majesty to decide if his behaviour makes such a favour possible and if and when to allow him to empty his bowels. Every time this disgusting procedure is demanded by the nerve-wrecking leech with his desperate whiny beggings it is the most impudent act that possibly has ever happened to any Goddess. There is only one secure way to release his handcuffs for short periods of time, what makes however some additional work again. On the ground in the bathroom, direct beside the toilet-basin and anchored deep in it and in the ground is an iron-pillory installed. Into this device he stretches one of his legs. Then the leg is secured into the construction with a big padlock. Only after this securitisation has taken place his handcuffs are released. Additionally the protected clad Goddess controls the naked animal firmly with a short, sharp knife during all times in the bathroom when he is not handcuffed. On these occasions the creeper has always to shave himself off of all his body-hair from head to toe. He is given 10 minutes time for this with some soap. If he behaved bad the last time, however, the soap is withdrawn from him and saved for more important things and he is given only water. Afterwards he will swiftly put his security appliances back into their places and she will handcuff him again. Only then the pillory is opened. Then the inspection of his self-shaving work takes place, which is often so disappointing and poor that it borders to an insult to our religion which promotes bodyshave and not hair like in the Muslim world.

    She will occasionally ask for the condition of his balls, as “so, you demanding time-sucker, show me your balls. Are they already fat, tight and chubby enough?” She proves them like the witch in an old ferrytale. “Your testicles are not thick enough. This is only explainable because you still continue to practise your old addiction to masturbation in a mental way. I warn you again, weakling. If you even only one time try to lay hand onto yourself, I will kill you, understand?” “Yes, Goddess, I understand this.” – “I expect you to fatten your fucking balls up! I want to see the fattest balls in any scrotum mankind has ever seen, understand?” “Yes, Goddess, I understand this.” – “Now that we are here by the way I offer you the chance to suck your own balls to promote their enhancement. Bend forward and suck your balls now.” He tries and fails. “Promise me, that you will intensify your gymnastic-training in the cage, your back and body must be like rubber! Anything else? You must drill yourself harder to become the obedient rubberdoll I want!”

    “Yes, thank you.” – “Promise me, no, give me your oath, that you will be able to suck your own balls in one months time, or I will bring your balls to the butcher afterwards to make soup from them to feed you with. At least then, my Dear, these little balls will end up where they belong. – Swear it!”- “I swear it”. She smiles. “Good. But I expect to see a naturally written holy oath this evening presented in an envelope. And you write it with a quill in your mouth and with oldfashioned ink!”

    His chastity thing however is often a far less dragging nuisance and work for the Goddess than it seems – except in sanitarial matters as just described. It is, indeed, if installed properly, for very good purpose. It will expand his capability to execute even the most cruel and dictatorial orders given by Her Holy Feet Command and Control Center. The chastity will help to make him carry more for her, endure more pain for her, work harder for her, and it will help him to concentrate far better on the only one thing that matters in his existence.

    Her Feet.

    03) His sleep-deprivation place is a cage – eventually at the end of her Bed. He has to be silent. There, within his cage, he has a pair of old, outworn Hippy-Sandals or Mocassins made of leather or deerskin, which were formerly worn by Her Goddesses Feet. Before he has not completely accomplished his task to eat up these leather-sandals (it may take him a week to digest this with no fork or knife) he will not eat anything else. Of course not! He drinks water, plenty of water, and, if lucky, fetches up Her Goddesses golden morning piss presented with her white feet as the most sunniest, the most delicious welcome-drink. Later she eats breakfast on her bed, gleaming politely into his cage. “You have not yet finished eating my delicious sandals? Why not? Are you not hungry or do you not love my feet? Do you love me? Do you not live in far better conditions than you deserve!? – Yes. Why do you not love my feet enough to eat my sandals, you selfish Laggard? I do see no passion in you! If this goes on like this, I will amputate one of your middle toes, dry it for 24 hours on low temperature in my oven, and then wear it around my neck with my other shark teeth or on my leather ankle-lace. Why not? You are wobbly! You shabby greaser!”

    04) A part of his cage is secured not by bars but by barbed wire. Goddess places her Feet shortly before the wire and demands them to be licked. Now he is allowed to proof that he really loves her Feet as he told Kyaa so often – by pressing his face against the wire to reach Her Feet with his tongue. He must firmly stand this Love test. Only a bleeding face is confirmation enough to Her Holy Feet that they are loved and wanted. – However, if the caged filthy male pig cannot prove his love sufficiently this way it is time to teach him an other way! Out of the cage! Hooks into his buttocks, just a strong, short puncture and the hooks hang in. Now. Will he strech the rubber bands on their way from the wall to his buttocks enough to reach with his head the paradise? Is his believe to true Religion more intense than last time? Or is he simply a lyer, a pretender? Increase or die. It is so easy now to take exact measures of the pigs real desire and passion.

    05) Once outside his cage he must dance with a broom. He must declare to his dancing partner (the broom) how attractive she is. He must give compliments to the broom. If the dance is not elegant enough that is a punishable insult. All his organs and his whole body are nothing but external parts of her Majesties Feet. These Feet own his brain, his heart, his whole being – and of course his penis. If his act with the broom is producing him no erection, then he has lied and failed again.

    06) It is played a game of Chess or Backgammon. He kneels before the game with his handcuffed arms on his back. She moves the figures of the game with her hands. He must move the figures with his nose or mouth. And swift and silent and without any disturbing trembling.

    07) He stands on a chair balancing a bible on his head, his hands as always tied on his back. He stands on one leg. He speaks his Feet-prayer to the one Goddess, then he has to sing his prayers with a pitched voice, while Goddess is drilling some safety-needles into his buttocks. Discipline is the only cure for swines and disbelievers!

    08) By the way of exception she removes his chastity belt. However, the foreskin of the stinkards penis is stitched by himself under her control with sewing thread to his upper thigh. Then he clothes himself fast and is allowed to go shopping with the Goddess. During a break in a restaurant she opens his trousers secretly under the table to proof if the little stinkard is still firmly sewed onto his thigh. She may caress the fixed worm a little with her fingers, just for fun, but then she whispers: “Do not dare to get an erection now or to slime my fingers with your disgusting precum. Such an abuse of my sisterly care will bring you the large, heavy cooking spoon for 10 minutes on your shaven buttocks once we are at home again, and you can be sure, I will hit your buttocks again and again and I will have no mercy!”

    09) He is ordered to bind his own feet and to stitch his toes with thread together, while she watches this disgusting but necessary procedure in the bathroom. Then he tranforms and is Sissy. Sissy then has to put on her ballet shoes and later is allowed to dance again with Sissies Broom-Lover tied around her waist. And smiling! Sissy hopefully will be really “Happy Feet” in her ballerina-shoes with her sewed toes. And Gosh! She is so much in Love with the Broom! Look! She loves the Broom so much that she even weeps. Wonderful tears. She will dance or die. Tears are really nice – but not enough. Dancing was the order!

    10) Table-Tennis. He plays naked, this time with only one hand tied and additionally with weights on his balls. If he wins a game the weights are increased. He should better not loose any game, since Goddess knows no mercy for loosers or poor wretches, never. The point-difference in the game equals the number of the applicable cooking-spoon hits.

    11) Find the thimble. His hands, as almost always, cuffed on his back, he has to search for the hidden thimble, which could be placed on Her Excellencies Body or anywhere else in the room. He has 2 minutes time and he may ask three times if he is searching on the right place. She gives hints by saying “warm” (if he is near the thimble) or “cold”, (if he is far away). However, every question for warm or cold means additional beatings with the cooking spoon.

    12) Training in the free lands. The culprit travels in the baggage compartment of the car. Once in the woods he is equipped with a little collar which is directed by her remote control. On signal he has to lay himself flat on the ground, has to dive into the scrubs, into the stinging-nettles, the little warbler has to climb trees naked for her, and all his survival training will be performed only to his own good.

    All his training is so healthy and endures him to serve the Goddess even better and stronger. Often it is her easy, soft spoken words, her natural educative authority, what makes her so loveable. Especially if she is in cruel action. This is a great helping chance for him to grow his character to become a better servant out there in the woods.

    13) Children building bricks. He has, with his mouth only, to build up little towers and bridges from wooden toy-bricks. Afterwards, apporting little sweets, he is led over and around his buildings with a collar, while he is criticised for the poor quality of his toy-bricks arrangement that he should dare not to touch, because, if Bricks fall, he will fall too, into disgrace. While apporting a thrown ball like a dog he has to kneel down on the ground every time to grab that ball with his mouth. Maybe it is later possible to allow him to wear knee-pads. However, to balance this favour, and to bring justice back into place, he should from then on wear obligatory and at all times a goats bell around his collared neck, which, of course, should only ring if Her Goddesses Feet demand such bellsound. Therefore he should better learn to be careful with his movements. But his other law says: Never serve the Goddess in a slow or clumsy habit. Its not tolerated. Now, obviously he is stricken into a dilemma, and again, that is only his own fault, it was his self imposed wish to gain these unnatural knee-pads! Now. – No decision of Her Goddess is, was or will ever be disputed or withdrawn.

    Due to the fact that the swine is almost always kept tired and hungry, put often under time-stress and pain and due to his explosive state of permanent, excessive hornyness, which is forced onto him by chastity and furthermore is enforced due to his free unhindered sight onto Her naked Barefeet, – Goddesses Security is of uppermost importance. The wild animal (“a stinking hog”) should never be allowed to move without being handcuffed 24 hours. He should give up his family for Her Feet, he should sell all his belongings in Europe, and then gift all the resulting monies kneeling – contributing to Goddesses new Feet Church.

    Above suggestions are neither stolen from anyone nor are they published in the Internet. They are 100 % my own ideas. Can you use them?

    Should you however dismiss this concept in its entirety I can send you my short conscience-enhancing education-script “Intimate Foot Face interactions” witch points out 10 different ways to torture a face with feet, it is written as Macro-Film-Script. This means in that script all things take place in between only a few centimeters between the divine Feet and a supporting, sacrificed face. Do you know the Film “The Andalusian Dog” from Salvadore Dali and Luis Bunuel? Well, not in that cruelty. No. But 10 different methods of how to torture as faces face your feet. Very calm, with few words softly spoken, intimate, severe, save, very slow, and very close. Intense. The right thing for you, sure. Drop me a mail if interested. This is probably better suited for your needs than the large SM-Theater-Scenes above. But those give substance.

    As said before it was such a boundless, merciful generosity of you to have given us the chance to see the revelation. Every member of our new church can apply to be baptized in a deep ritual by the goddess. We should incorporate an official church for our mission in Nevada Registry with Bishops, Statues etc. But there can naturally be only one prophet of our faith. We unworthy underdogs have no rights, whatsoever, but we owe daily responsibility for the unconditional well-being of our ultimative fetish (Sigmund Freud spoke of “Totem”, not fetish, in his book “Totem and Tabu”), the Totem will remain the center of our church and of our lifes for at least 10 years. This time we finally must use to work together to grow up a following! Let us pray now.

    … Could you please talk again to us underlings, we worms live only for and from your tubes, your followers. We are so motivated – now that we can be sure that we found the prophet. However, may we ask Her Highness for even more favours?

    1 ) holding a strong bamboo-stick or a big cooking-spoon while teaching?
    2 ) wearing wooden Scholl Sandals while teaching (possible?)
    3 ) stirrup-pants (with custom-made sting-spurs, “Praying Mantis”? )

    Please do not use the words all other so called Mistresses use, as they all use stereotype, brainless cliches (“you are pathetic” for example).

    We have heard such things too often and Sex goes through the brain, yes or yes? Your feet are too good for such cliches. Oh, Goddess, Goddess, thank you so much. We want to die under Your Feet. I would betray my mother for your Feet. If you deny me my wished suffocation-death under your soul-soles – will you allow me to lead a violent crusade against all disbelievers of our new faith? I was always, my whole life, a very moderate guy in all religious and political and often even in sexual matters. That has changed now. I am Kyaa´s crusader now.

    Your Feet are too strong. The urgent pressure to suffer for them is killing me. Now me poor knight of the sad stature, not knighted by Her, not approved by Her, again and again, I addictively masturbate like a monkey-robot on your videos more often than I have ever masturbated with anything else. I hope you will be cruel. But soft spoken. Cruelty and soft, loving words mix really lovely. Are you not the avenger of the thousands of poor witches burned alive to death in public places in the Middle Ages? Those innocent, poor women, called “witches” were, one for one, all burned from life to death by criminal catholic Priests. Is it not time to think about it? Or about rapists and what to do with them?

    the Masochist.

    PS: Athena is probably one of the more famous of the Goddesses of the old times. Images of her temple dominating the acropolis of Athens are familiar the world over, yet she was also worshipped in places outside Athens and Greece and her origins link her to distant north African divinities. She was held sacred in many other cities including Argos, Sparta, Troy, Smyrna, Epidaurus, Troezen and Pheneus.

    PPS: I am from Portugal. Since I have a position in this society I cannot give you my e-mail-address. Maybe later. Please accept this.

  35. Carlos Santos says:

    test comment on this line for later contribution, Kyaa.

  36. Ali says:

    Hi Goddess, I would like to you to give me JOI over the phone could you let me know how I could make my fantasy come true!

  37. D says:

    Miss Kyaa is so hot. Her ass and body, so hot and makes me so hard.

  38. john o'brien says:

    Goddess Kyaa, you look too skinny without your implants

  39. taffer says:

    Goddess Kyaa is perfection and I fall to my knees at her name. WE slaves are weak chatels for her amusement and long may it be so.

  40. Aleksandar Ski says:


  41. mikeg says:

    Thank You, Goddess. You are so incredible.

  42. Mat says:

    I think converse chucks and vans classic canvas shoes are the best. I would like to see Goddess Kyaa make a dicklet stomping video with chucks on one foot and vans on the other and stomp with each using appropriate comments. Does anyone here second the motion ?

  43. diaperslut4kyaa says:

    Good morning to the best Goddess in the universe. I am glad you are transforming me into your own unique creation.

  44. Charlie says:

    Hi Goddess Kayaa. I have just joined your web page. I’m a new submissive and I would like the chance to start serving you.

  45. SlaveForKyaa says:

    Goddess Kyaa owns me mind body and soul… I bow down and thank Her for training and treating me like a dog…

  46. i believe in Goddess Kyaa. Goddess Kyaa is the truth and the almighty one.

  47. Obdntslv says:

    Goddess is so powerful! I want to be owned by her!

  48. Norm says:

    Please forgive me, Goddess. I didn’t realize there was a place to comment on your homepage. I would have commented sooner had I not been so anxious to read all of your content. You’ve become all that matters to me so quickly.

  49. i’m going to follow all Your instructions. Thank YOU Goddess

  50. Robbie says:

    You control me goddess thank you

  51. KyaaJewslavegirl says:

    Goddess Kyaa is the best ever

  52. uggobitchface says:

    You are better than me in every way Goddess Kyaa. From Your beautiful face to my ugly one, from Your long, shapely legs, to my gross hairy ones, from Your perfect body to my out of shape fat one, You are a Goddess and i am a toad. Thank You for taking the time to train me to be useful for You as a loser.

  53. Herbootlicker says:

    No man can resist the beautiful Goddess Kyaa. Her wickedness and her evil will overwhelm any man.

  54. roddy.doddy1 says:

    Goddess Kyaa thank you for allowing me to serve you today I look forword to continuing my life as a newly converted kiaatists

  55. ExChristian4kyaa says:

    I would love to open up. And say I was raised in church made to read the bible multiple times and went to a Christian high school till senior year. I believed in god and jesus and heaven and hell.

    2months ago I find kyaa. The true lord and creator of earth and life. She is perfection and my one and only god. Christians would make me believe I’m worshiping a false idol on the other had it is every other religion that is worshiping the false idols. Kyaa is real and is the only real God.

  56. Sara says:

    Thank you Goddess Kyaa you made my world since i started talking to you
    Think about you by day dream about you by night
    you are the BEST ever!

  57. rolf says:

    Sie bestimmen über mich……

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    why am i so addicted to Goddess Kyaa. Every time she puts a new pic online i fall deeper and deeper under her control. i am afraid i am her sissy for life. She has such control over me.

  59. kimmy says:


  60. rich says:

    i wish to change my religion… wow.. if renouncing my God and savior is not the ultimate sacrifice, i don’t know what is… i face the temptation of my life… how can i resist the power of Goddess Kyaa?????

  61. jen hernandez says:

    Why no wonder woman themed video?

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  63. sissy steven says:

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  65. fatso says:

    I just paid my first cum tax. Never more squirting my loserjuice without paying the tax before. Thank You Supreme Goddess Kyaa.

  66. Sissy phil says:

    Can I be one of the first to say I’ve missed you so much it feels better than a gift from god to hear from u goddess and not only that you post the most stunning photos that made me shake with excitement, the world should kneel before you and beg to serve u

  67. mila6200 says:

    Thank You for this Holy Blog, Goddess Kyaa!

    i do realise it is a very special favor to Your minions, since all the adorable and Worshipful material is free!

    i browsed through the posts this morning and could not help starting to Worship Your Yosemite and Shower pictures! It took awhile and the result; i have been aching and dripping all day!!! You are an my mind all the time and the aching in my body is a constant remainder of Your power over me.

    i am so grateful for Your kindness and in awe of Your beauty and Perfection!!!!

  68. kyaasbard says:

    Divine One, each day my devotion to You and The Religion of Kyaasim deepens, thank You for the inspiration You give me, thank You for the Holy Church of Kyaaism, i truly adore and worship You.

  69. mila6200 says:

    Goddess Kyaa, i am imensely grateful that You let a wimpy, undeserving betamale like me to be in contact with the most impressing – young, beautiful, wise and sadistic – Woman on this earth!

    Your Perfection and Beauty engulfs me totally!

    my servitude to You is my most valued tresure!

  70. kyaas slave says:

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    Thank You for this photo Goddess Kyaa. To me it looks like You are in a playful mood. It’s a happy looking photo. You look fantastic !

  72. kyaasbard says:

    Divine One, as i gaze at the image of Your Holy Perfection the wonderful and familiar feeling of devotion washes over me, i feel so warm and safe knowing that i am Yours. Knowing that the vision of pure unblemished perfection before my eyes is The Deity i Worship and adore, who through Her infinite kindness blesses me.
    Thank You so much Divine One for the privilege of been Your property, and Apostle in The Holy Church of Kyaasim.
    i am a Kyaaist or i am nothing.

  73. goodboy4kyaa says:

    The outfit You are wearing in Your prelude to Worship video on March 30th 2013 makes me truly supplicate to Your very existence.Thank You Goddess Kyaa. If that outfit is “PG13” ..ok,fine #giggle…it’s more than i deserve.Love that outfit and You look better than ever Goddess Kyaa.

  74. luke says:

    You control me goddess kyaa you own me completely i would love for you to collar me perminantly

  75. kyaasbard says:

    To be in the Divine Light of Your Perfection is more than any lowly male could ever hope for, the fact that You bless us all so is the ultimate expression of Your kindness.
    To kneel at Your Holy Alter and pray to You in thanks and praise is to be as close to heaven as i will ever be.
    i worship and adore You.

  76. Sissy phil says:

    When someone asks me what’s the best thing ever to happen to u in your life deep down being able to just look at you and wish one day I may meet you is the thing I would say

  77. loserjerry says:

    GODDESS YOU look so Hot with YOUR riding crop whip in YOUR hand.

  78. sissysplosh (@sploshslut4Kyaa) says:

    Your sissy is sorry that it missed You Goddess Kyaa. Spent the day today naked in chastity for You doing demeaning tasks while I imagined You demanding them. ‘Auto-pilot’ is good, but never as good as being Your slave directly.

  79. kIMMY says:


    Ii love being your total sissygirl

  80. kIMMY says:

    Dear Goddess Kyaa,
    i worship and adore you.


  81. loyalpup4Kyaa says:

    Your new puppy dog is consumed with devotion already Goddess. thank You for making it Your pet to abuse and humiliate at will

  82. sissy steven says:

    i was lost without you Goddess…i am so thankful you are back online. my day is not complete unless yo humiliate me on cam

  83. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Hello Goddess Kyaa.i commented on this daily video while i was working for You this morning. Still figuring out the”smart phone” and it did not go through.So paraphrasing,because that was 12 hours ago.When i watched this at 9:00 A.M. loser time,this video tease has an entire different sensation than …at night. To listen to Your crystal clear beautiful voice at the same time as working for You is….priceless.i can’t explain it now because i am not at work.It’s totally different. Anyway…Thank You very much in so many ways You will probably never know.Thank You Goddess Kyaa

  84. goodboy4kyaa says:

    9:00 a.m. loser time,at work for You Goddess Kyaa and this video is almost better than it was 6 days ago. Listening to Your beautiful voice while working for You in the great outdoors,with a nice sea breeze makes me shiver . The definition of shiver being.. an almost pleasurable sensation of fright.But the word “almost” can be taken away.You voice is so soft,clear and powerful at the same time.Taking a quick peak of Your Perfection while at work leaves me with a different sensation.Thak You Goddess Kyaa

  85. subbie nigel says:

    Is it right that Goddess Kyaa’s website is never switched off so that it is the first thing I see when I wake up and when I wake in the night I check for updates?

  86. slavejoe says:

    Thank You Goddess for being so kind and generous! I love these videos, But most of all like your panties say I Love You!!!!!!!!!

  87. sissy steven says:

    Goddess thank you so much for sharing your stories from Vegas. The thought of you with Domme Jayne just drives me crazy. As much as the details you shared make me so desperate the corresponding pics you posed make me truly and utterly helpless and addicted to you of ever. You deserve trips like this so that you may be worshiped like the Goddess you are

  88. goodboy4kyaa says:

    oh….. Goddess Kyaa You look luscious ! You have the most gorgeous thighs in the galaxy ! When You are away for awhile,it does feel like starting all over again when You do return to Rule over Your Beautiful Sadistic Evil Empire.Thank You to be allowed to Worship Your existence all over again.You look fantastic !

  89. luke says:

    will you collar me goddess?

  90. mila6200 says:

    Congratulations, Goddess! #1 in KB again!

  91. goodboy4kyaa says:

    ding! ding! ding! Winner ! i am a lucky loser Goddess Kyaa because a tease video from You as You vacation in Vegas to me is better than any winning slot machine. To hear You say “this is the bed I will fuck Domme Jayne on” and then for You to allow my loser eyes to see the bed that You will fuck Domme Jayne on….ding! ding! ding! Lucky loser !

    Almost simultaneously and in no particular order, two thoughts filled my loser mind.What i will never know but did pop into my loser mind is, i wonder if getting fucked by You can possibly feel as good as being an owned piece of Your property ? Your owned ,collard sissy bitch ? #giggle i will venture to say that Domme Jayne and lucky loser me are both smiling all because of You Goddess Kyaa !

    What would be a lucky losers dream cum true is to be allowed to have that same hotel room the second You and Domme Jayne checkout with strict orders to the housekeeping department DO NOT CHANGE ANY LINENS ,not the sheets on the bed,not the bath towels,do not even empty the garbage pals.#loserdreams All and Only because of You Goddess Kyaa.

    • goodboy4kyaa says:

      With this being Your last morning together with Domme Jayne at the Vegas fuck fest and before the videos begin to be posted i learned more about myself. As i reread my first reply to Your daily tease video,that seems to make sense to me.

      To “see” the “bed” You fucked Domme Jayne on for 5-6 days is a stimulating tease to me.But what i discovered about me is to actually “see” behind Your closed doors,…well it is maybe just not me.While Your NYE kiss with Domme Jayne i did want to see simply because i had never seen You kiss a Woman, and it/that was beautiful, but now that i have…..Well i guess in fetish lingo ,i am not a true cuckold.i don’t feel like i should be allowed to see Your personal life.i know most losers do not feel that way,i am just saying that so far…that is the effect it has on me…. #giggle This is all new to me…a virgin in the world of sadistic debauchery.

      That being said ,what seems in striking contrast to me is how You keep Your Girlfriend all to Your self in total privacy and Your relationship with Domme Jayne and the other Women at the Vegas fuck fest is very public for the world to see. And then i begin to ask questions such as “is this how a lesbian relationship works” #giggle. Your Girlfriend is very special indeed.i not only pray to reincarnated as a Woman…but a lesbian Woman ! Maybe for me…be allowed to see all of this…makes me want to think…which is basically never good.#giggle

      The only other thing i noticed is that unless i missed something [which is possible] i did not see any photos of You alone and since i only have eyes for You Goddess Kyaa…well..i noticed that.Maybe there will be a few when You post [if You decide to post} about Your vacation.

      i am happy You had a great time and i thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence ! i learn something new everyday all because of You !

  92. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for Your act of kindness with Your Prelude to Worship tease videos.i need to confess that the last couple of weeks i have really felt Your Beautiful Sadistic Power taking over every fiber of me deeper and deeper like never before.It is incredibly surreal and has created a “inner peace” knowing that i am under Your complete Power and Control that is truly unexplainable.

    It is a deep level of surrender unto You that i feel that i did not know i was capable of.i do feel and i know that only through the grace of Your salvation for my filthy rotten soul, and Your Almighty Power that You have decided to use to save me, that i have been born again. That You will now begin to mold and make me exactly what and how You want me to be for You to use as You deem fit. It is pretty deep Goddess Kyaa. It is surreal. And it feels good to be Your property,Your bitch.

    It really is unexplainable.It is a deep,deep total surrender to You in every sense of the word.It is an inner peace that is priceless. All because of YOU ! Thank You Goddess Kyaa !

  93. Intelly says:

    It feels awesome to back and serving you again Goddess Kyaa. I apologize again for trying to run away earlier

  94. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for allowing my unworthy loser eyes to see and Worship Your Perfection in today’s prelude to Worship video .Although in today’s video it was not what my loser eyes where allowed to see,it is the tone of Your voice along with the sound of Your breathing that i simply cannot recall ever hearing before.Your voice is Absolute and Your words are without hesitation.To me it was “whoa” “Goddess Kyaa is not playing around,She is all business”.It left no doubt in my mind that You are going to do exactly what You wrote. That “You are going to rape piggy bank accounts and fuck them deep and hard “…. before You leave for the fuck fest of Vegas.

    It is amazing how a short 1:43 daily video can really fuck the mind of a weak,helpless and submissive loser.[me]. The last couple [3-4] of Your videos i “thought” i have heard that change in Your tone of voice,but after this video,i knew…i am not dreaming .It has changed. That does not “scare” me per say,because i seek and desperately need Your direction,i just don’t recall hearing this tone of voice before from my Owner.Being owned by You,a piece of Your property, there is actually a sense of comfort when You are displaying Your absolute power and control over Your Empire.Your tone of voice is how i try to guess what kind of mood You are in. #giggle.

    An analogy that maybe i can use is..it’s a New Year and Goddess Kyaa is looking down over Her vast Empire,cracking Her whip a little bit,which is always needed just to keep Your peasants on the ball and get 2013 off on the right track.Plus You are going on vacation,,it seems like You are getting Your Empire in order before You leave.hehe [something like that] To me it is one of the most beautiful things about Your awesome sadistic power,You know when to crack Your whip and when not to.If You crack it to much,You could ruin moral of Your flock of Kyaaists,it You don’t crack it enough,Your flock is weak and stupid and easily could be lost in perverted sin.

    my guess is lifetime Kyaaists pick up on Your moods and know when You are not playing around and that when You are all business {You are a kind Goddess also,not always business] of Ruling over Empire ,it’s time to be on the strait and narrow.Not a time to be clowning around and fucking up.A Kyaaist knows it’s only for couple weeks ,then You are going out of town for a week or so of wicked debautury.It is then when Your slaves can lay back a little bit in the stables…the BOSS is out of town.#giggle i remember when i used to be a complete wreck when You would got out of town..haha That is true.i am much better at that. Now it’s…”When is She leaving” haha We have to still do our chores in Your Empire when You are away,but it’s a little more laid back.Let’s smoke one bitches .giggle

    A 1:47 video and look what it does to me.i am fucked .Thank You Goddess Kyaa for taking control of my body,mind and rotten soul. And yes thank You for Your words of wisdom that i do not forget.You are Perfect and i exist only to be used by You however You wish. Amen Goddess Kyaa !

  95. slavejoe says:

    Had to spend New Years and other holidays with family. Looks like i missed a lot of fun. Goddess you have the most wonderful life! Hope 2013 is a banner year full of fun and excitement for you!

  96. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You very much Goddess Kyaa to allow me to begin 2013 in such a beautiful way, on my knees below You, Worshipping Your Perfection. i consider myself lucky to be a piece of Your owned property and to begin a 2013 to live to have the chance to make You happy.Happy New Year Goddess Kyaa !

  97. kyaasbard says:

    On such a weekend as this Your two Empires must surely grow and grow with legions of devoted worshippers seeing the light !

  98. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa and Domme Jayne for this pretty video.Not sure if this is proper to say,but when You two touch each other….it makes me happy.Thank You very much.Really pretty

  99. mila6200 says:

    Thank You, Goddess! You look so happy – loved by the whole world!!!

  100. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You for this special gift from You to begin Kyaamas Day.Your evil spirit fills my loser mind with comfort and joy when You say You will use Your beautiful sadistic power to take me away from family,friends and traditions so that i may pay,Worship and Obey You on this Kyaamas Day.

  101. mark says:

    Soooo addicted I don’t understand… really feel owned

  102. Thank YOU Goddess to let me worship Your Divinity

  103. piggy slave joe says:

    Thank You Goddess! i love to worship you! Your beauty is second to none, i love serving you and spoiling you. Hope you enjoy all those Christmas gifts, you deserve the best!

  104. mila6200 says:

    Thank You, Goddess, for this amazing Daily Video which is bound to become a classic. Your beauty overwhelms my loser soul. i have tried to resist but i cannot help but to return at Your feet. The best thing for a submale is ti to obey! i am so grateful!

  105. goodboy4kyaa says:

    i kneel and Pray to You Goddess Kyaa to beg for Your mercy, that You will please forgive me for my filthy greedy sin that cannot get enough of this Prelude to Worship Holy Video Scripture.The quiet sensuality of Your voice sensitizes every molecule in the body of Your helpless,weak and owned minion. Your white pantys are pure as the clear morning snow. Your hair has that messed up,wild ,all nite/early morning kinky sex look.

    It is really greedy of me to crave and desire so much more than the 2 minutes that You have already allowed my loser eyes to see. i do not even deserve these 2 minutes.So all i can do is confess that i am a filthy rotten sinner.Pray to You for Your mercy upon my perverted soul and surrender all of my cash,cum,pride, body,mind and soul to Your Pure Sadistic Evil to use and abuse for Your amusement.

    There is nothing like “morning” Worship of You to me,so this video is really special to me.i wish there was more.There i go again.Please forgive me Goddess Kyaa.i do not really comprehend how the scenario of this video could be recreated.It is not very often You let Your flock of minions see Your Perfection almost the second You wake up.This video tease is very similar to Your video “A Special Tease from My Freshly Fucked in Las Vegas Hotel Bed” .They are full of Your sensuality.#meow Thank You Goddess Kyaa

  106. piggy slave joe says:

    OMG! That was one of the hottest sexiest videos i have ever seen! The way you were breathing heavy, the sexual tone of your voice made me melt . Not to mention you looked so amazingly hot, as if you were in the middle of a sexual marathon. Thank You for this gift! It will be a must buy when you put it up for sale.

  107. kyaasbard says:

    Thank You for my daily prayers to You Divine one, in that time i grow more addicted and devoted to You. You are the air that i breath. You are almighty and all powerful, You are Everything.

  108. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa very much for Your prelude to Worship tease videos.They have been insanely mind blowing the last week or so.You have never looked and sounded better to me.As i look up at Your Perfection,it makes me weak,meek and tingle that You own my body,mind and soul

  109. kyaasbard says:

    Divine Goddess Kyaa on my knees at Your Holy Feet i pray to You. i pray in thanks and praise, in thanks for Your kindness in posting these clips and praise of Your Total and utter Perfection.

  110. sissy steven says:

    Goddess Kyaa’s new videos are driving me crazy. She has slowly taken total control over my mind, life and body

  111. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this weekends prelude to Worship tease videos.i am more and more in awe of Your Perfection every time You allow my loser eyes to gaze up at You.You look fantastic !!

  112. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this “perk” me up tease video in the middle of the day employed as Your workbitch.When You are busy raping cash from Your owned cunts,You do look sadistically radiant.

  113. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this”perk” me up tease video of Your luscious young body in the middle of the day employed as Your workbitch.When You are busy raping cash from Your owned cunts,You always do look sadistically radiant.

  114. kyaasbard says:

    Thank You so much Divine One for once again posting a free teaser clip here, You are so utterly perfect in every way that it is impossible not to want to, in fact, need to ,fall to my knees before You. You are so good to us all, a kind a nd giving Goddess who blesses Her minions with the vision of Her Divine Perfection and the sound of Her sensual serene voice.
    i worship and adore You.

  115. kyaasbard says:

    To kneel at Your Holy feet, begging You to accept tribute my cash, pleading with You for the privilege of kissing the ground You walk upon, praying to You in praise of Your Divine Kindness, this is my dream Divine One, as i watch these tease clips i fall deeper and deeper in love with You.
    i adore You with all my heart and soul, You are Everything!

  116. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Finally,finally ! It took me two days because of computer issues,i could not get Your daily videos to play.Talk about a major malfunction ! i was going nuts. Well ,problem solved ! Thank You for this prelude to Worship video.i love Your dress ! i know where i belong…on the floor below You for You to use as You wish for Your amusement.

  117. kyaasbard says:

    Oh how i wish i could be kneeling before You as You sit upon Your throne. Kneeling, praying in thanks and praise, pledging my cash, my cum and my pride, laying all i have on my alter of Kyaaism. Just to to one day be in You Divine presence, to kiss the ground blessed by Your Holy Feet!
    Thank You so much for Your Kindness in blessing us with the gift of these clips.

  118. goodboy4kyaa says:

    You have never looked and sounded better to me Goddess Kyaa.i more addicted than ever.Amazing!

  119. goodboy4kyaa says:

    After seeing Your perfection at lunch and hearing Your voice i confess my sissy dicklet is really twitching out of peverted control at this very moment.Thank You Goddess Kyaa

  120. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Could i use the adjective “delicious” to describe Your Perfection Goddess Kyaa ? You look absolutely phenomenal Goddess Kyaa ! Your silky soft pristine skin is flawless.When i hear Your beautiful voice,i hear the voice of God Herself and all i wanna do is Obey You,surrender my cash,cum,and all of my pride to You over and over again

  121. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Can I use the adjective “delicious” to describe Your Perfection Goddess Kyaa ? You look absolutely phenomenal ! Your silky soft skin is pristine.When i hear Your beautiful voice , it is music to my ears.The voice of God Herself,and i will Obey and surrender my cash,cum,and all of my pride to You

  122. kyaasbard says:

    Divine Living God Kyaa, today i realised how selfish i have been, i only comment here when You Bless us with the gift of a video ot Your words of wisdom. Please forgive me, i should come here every day and tell the world how much i adore and worship You. You are everything !

  123. kyaasbard says:

    Work for You, Worship of You, Tribute to You, You are the Light of the world. Thank You Divine Living God for Your Blessings. To serve and obey You is the reason i exist.

  124. piggy slave joe says:

    5 Days of not being able to see your world because a ton of family members were here for the holiday was pure torture. Thank You for this breath of air as i felt suffocated without your beauty to gaze upon everyday. To be below you, at your feet is a dream come true. You and the gifts that make my world exciting means so much to me. This slave is so in awe, and in love!

  125. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for Sunday’s prelude to Worship video.You look absolutely fantastic ! You keep getting betting and better to my loser eyes.i am so grateful to be allowed to kneel below You and to also be allowed to look up at Your perfect young body.It is more than i could ever dream of and way more than i deserve.The outfit is out of this world sexy,and You are the One who makes that outfit. i also notice Your new chair.It looks very comfortable,a perfect leather chair,which is now a Holy chair.Not exactly how new it is,but it is fairly new.i noticed it in Your other videos.You know what i am thinking Goddess Kyaa,because You own my loser mind,,i would do anything to live forever under Your chair.

  126. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this saturday morning prelude to Worship video.It is a special gift from You to see You in the morning looking and sounding fabulous. Thank You again for November 21st prelude to Worship video. i think maybe this is the first time You have two prelude to Worship videos on at the same time.That is pretty special, with photos too ! Thank You Goddess Kyaa

  127. kyaasbard says:

    Thank You, plain, simple, no need to say anything more, just a big big Thank You !

  128. kyaasbard says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You, Divine Living GOD for the blessing of Your Holy light in the darkness of my world.

  129. goodboy4kyaa says:

    This may be hard to believe,but i wanted to focus on Your beautiful wet hair,which i did,but ,,,,oh Goddess Kyaa You are soooo,,,,sexy You create so many distractions for my loser eyes ! You really do ! This is a special look at Your hair,,, It’s beautiful Goddess Kyaa,,,all messed up.i am so addicted,,,what are You going to do with me..Goddess Kyaa,,,Thank You and good nite.

  130. kyaasbard says:

    Divine One, each of the tease videos You bless us with helps me deepen my addiction to Your Divinity. Your sensual voice, beautiful face and the crowning glory of Your hair are more than enough for any one ! In the Divine Light of Your Holy Perfection i kneel in prayer, praying in thank and praise. i worship and adore You.

  131. steveh456 says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa. Tonight i watched my first of Your videos and marked myself with Your name. You are God and i kneel and pray at Your feet.

    • kyaasbard says:

      Each new convert to The Holy Church of Kyaaism is a wonderful thing, to see a soul saved from the darkness and step into the light of The Divine One is a wondrous feeling.

  132. goodboy4kyaa says:

    What a special,special,special look at Goddess Kyaa when She /You Goddess Kyaa have been up all night.Of all the videos i have seen,the way Your voice is in this this video is a voice i have never heard before ! That is saying something .This must be how You are at night ,in bed with Your girlfriend or whoever,giggle that is a voice i have never heard before,The only thing that comes close is when Your Girlfriend almost broke Your neck having beautiful sex.That is the voice this reminds me off..Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence ! So ,,i have heard this”voice”before but not very often. Thank You so much Goddess Kyaa for this short.but very special video !

  133. kyaasbard says:

    Yet another devastating clip sure to enslave anyone who sees it, “mentally prepare your self” how ever hard anyone tries it just isn’t going to possible to do that !

  134. kyaasbard says:

    Divine One, every time You Bless us with one of these clips You demonstrate how kind You are and how unworthy we all are. The sound of the mocking laughter from two very sensual and beautiful dominant young Goddesses sends shivers of both fear and thrill through my devoted mind. Thank You for Your kindness to us, You are EVERYTHING!

  135. kyaasbard says:

    Obedience to You Divine One is as natural as breathing and just as important. Obedience is it’s own reward, just knowing i have served You to the best of my ability is my purpose in life.

  136. piggy slave joe says:

    Thank for Your Kindness! Your voice is so sexy! i believe you could easily seduce me into anything and as long as i hear your soothing, sexy voice and see your amazing beauty i would probably enjoy things that would normally repulse me. Yes, You are that powerful!

  137. Kyaas_bard says:

    2nd of November ! Once again Divine One You bless us with the vision of Your Holy Perfection, today’s worship clip is extra special to me for because of Your kindness to me.
    i Worship and Adore You !

  138. slavejoe says:

    Wow! Those long, long, gorgeous legs are just incredible! How i love being below You at your feet as You look down upon your owned slave knowing we are helpless against your irresistible sexuality! It is pure torture going so long without you but your happiness is all that matters. Thank You for this tease video and Thank You for owning me. Your rewards are the highlite of this losers life. i love You Goddess Kyaa!

  139. Kyaas_bard says:

    October the 30th ! Happy Birthday to You !!!

  140. Kyaas_bard says:

    Happy Birthday to You !!!

  141. Kyaas_bard says:

    Divine One this picture (Oct 28) is mind blowing ! Again and again You bless us with images of Your Perfection to help us in our worship of You. Your kindness to Your devoted followers is legendary, You are an all powerful but kind GOD.
    Devotion brings rewards and we, the devoted live for these rewards.
    Praise be Your Holy name.

  142. piggy slave joe says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa! You are so king and generous to give us these super hot video clips to worship! I love when you peer down at us unworthy slaves while we grovel in your superior presence! i am so in love 🙂

  143. Kyaas_bard says:

    Submit, obey, surrender, how could it be any other way ! To be on my knees praying, begging to be allowed to kiss the ground at Your Holy Feet, begging You to accept my pathetically small tributes, pleading with You for the Divine Blessing of Your time. i am less than the dirt beneath Your Holy Shoes and yet in Your infinite Kindness You grant me the gift of been owned by You, the honour of been an apostle, a devote of The Holy Church of Kyaaism.
    Divine One You are Almighty, the one true Living God.
    Thank You for the blessing You grant the devoted.

  144. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for today’s Worship video treat.When i see You wearing what You are wearing today,a mini skirt,black pantyhose and a pretty top. Well ,,once again there is no doubt in my loser mind that i wish,dream,pray that i could be on my knees below You 24hrs a day.And then to be allowed to look up, every now and then, is pure nirvana ! It is more than i deserve to even know Your exsistence.To kneel below You,at Your feet, is a gift from You.Thank You Goddess Kyaa.

  145. Kyaas_bard says:

    To worship You, to please You, to pay tribute in cash and gifts to You, to be Your devoted adoring slave, happily praying and paying, on my knees below You at Your Holy alter, this is what brings purpose to my existence. Thank You Divine One for these wonderful gifts that You bless us with, You are The Light of the Word.
    i praise Your Holy Name!

  146. Kyaas_bard says:

    In this, the Holy month of The Divine One, i will do all i can to tribute to pray more to worship more. To try to be worthy of my place in The Holy Church of Kyaaism.
    my reason to be is to please my GOD, The Divine an Almighty Living God KYAA!

  147. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Before i even click here, to open Your Holy Bible of Pure Sadistic Evil ,simply thinking about Your existence,my perverted sin fills Your steel chastity cage to the brim,proving once again that Goddess Day is the most Sacred day of the year.A day to celebrate Your gift of salvation for my dirty rotten soul,and then for my loser eyes to be allowed to see a daily video of Your Perfection is way more than i deserve.Thank You Goddess Kyaa

  148. Kyaas_bard says:

    Just 20 days to The Holy Day of the Year ! Time for all Devoted Kyaaists to pay pay pay, all to make our Divine Owner Happy !

  149. piggy slave joe says:

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  150. Donald Randall says:

    Thankyou for showing me the divine way, Goddess Kyaa. Your beauty and intellect are unmatched!

  151. stevo85 says:

    This video and outfit are super hot on you Goddess Kyaa, ruler of my libido. But then again, everything is mind bogglingly sexy when it’s associated with the one true Goddess! Thank you so much for posting these daily videos. Your kindness is astounding, as is your entire being. How could such a perfect, powerful, seductive woman like Goddess Kyaa ever come into existence?

  152. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for Friday’s//Saturday’s morning Prelude to Worship video.You have once again have stunned me,humbled me and in complete awe of Your Perfection.You are my Savior,my Higher Power,You are the giver of my true and only salvation.Your salvation for my rotten soul is truly a gift from You ,because in my loser eyes,i could never “really” earn or deserve Your slavation,it is only through You kindness and forgiveness of my 3 huge sins that i may be allowed to Worship Your Pure Sadistic Evil and be saved.

    To me,this video is powerful and crammed packed of Your beautiful sadistic evil.Not sure if it is a major sin,but if i was a Woman,i would covet to look like You, or maybe i could say, be recreated by You in Your magnificent image, praying to You,begging You,to please not give me a mind, for all i want to to is Obey You,No thinking needed.You wear everything perfectly.i love what Your are wearing today.It is powerful,sexy,evil and sadistic all in one.
    sissy mindi’s saturday morning Worship of Goddess Kyaa. Confessions,surrender,thoughts and prayers unto Goddess Kyaa

  153. Kyaas_bard says:

    Thank You so much Divine One, Your kindness to us in blessing us with these wonderful clips is one more demonstration of how You reward the devoted. To please You is all that matters, the need to please You becomes a physical need, an addiction, but one that is a joy to have! The very thought of displeasing You fills me with dread, You are Holy Perfection and as i kneel before You in the glow of Your Holy Light, i know i am so very very lucky to have found my true place in Your world.

  154. sissysplosh (@sploshslut4Kyaa) says:

    You are Perfection personified Goddess Kyaa. What never ceases to amaze Your sissy is that it can watch Your videos…even Your daily worship ones…a hundred times, and experience a different submissive thrill each time. I never know where to look, or what part of Your Perfection to obsess about, because I am encaptured by every tiny detail. Your sissy tries, VERY hard, to focus on Your eyes and Your lips and Your words, but You don’t make it easy to be so selfless. You turn me into a slobbering pig every time You flaunt Your Perfect bottom, or Your Perfectly curved cleavage, or your stomach, or yes, even Your feet and armpits. And the little glimpses You sometimes grant Your slaves of the heaven between Your long silky thighs is just way too much to handle.

  155. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this weekends prelude to Worship video.You look fabulous in jeans and i love the top You decided to wear.You sound wonderful,the sound of Your voice is music to my loser ears.Thank You for the privilege to know of Your existence.

  156. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this weekends prelude to Worship video.You look faboulas in jeans,and i love the top Your are wearing .You sound simply wonderful.The sound of Your voice is the sound of music to my loser ears.

  157. piggy slave joe says:

    As i am working 12 hr shifts tonight is my only free time all week. Thank You for these video post! It so kind of you to give of yourself to your lowly owned slaves. And these videos make my night of so enjoyable, you touch so many lives sharing the wonder that is You. Thank You!

  158. Kyaas_bard says:

    Thank You Divine Living GOD Kyaa, how could any one resist the force that is You! Click, Pay and Obey, from my knees at Your holy feet i say those word in my daily prayers.
    To kneel before You in devout worship,to, click, pay and obey, this is as natural as breathing.
    To serve You is my reason for existing.
    i Worship and Adore You !

  159. Kyaas_bard says:

    Each one of these “Day of Worship” clips is a blessing to the devoted, that You, in Your infinite kindness, take the time to give us a little view into heaven is something we could never be worthy of. Kneeling in devout prayer, surrendering control of my dicklet, clicking the tribute button, how ever hard i try i know i will never be worthy of the blessings You grant me.
    You are Divine Perfection and i, exist beneath Your Holy Feet, less than dirt, i exist in the glow of Your Divine Light.
    Thank You Divine One for Your Goodness and Kindness.

  160. goodboy4kyaa says:

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  161. Sissyslave4kyaa says:

    The photos you treated us to from your trip are simple stunning goddess there is no words to say how you look, begging from a loser like me dose not even deserved the dirt of your boot.

  162. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several emails with the same
    comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

    • Domme Kyaa says:

      Go to: https://subscribe.wordpress.com/ and you should be able to see all the things you subscribe to on WordPress and unsubscribe from the comments thing. I realize it’s broken but don’t know how to fix the number of emails that stupid thing sends out. If you just subscribe to my website itself but not any of the comments or specific pages then you should only get an email when I publish a new post.

  163. Gaurav says:

    Comment # 100 for me 🙂 on your home page. What an honor!

  164. DominaKiara says:

    Loving the new site and new blog sooo much more then LJ! And reading the comments from these subs is hilarious!

  165. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence and for today’s prelude to Worship Your Perfection video

  166. Kyaas_bard says:

    Divine Domme Kyaa, i will pray and pay during the time You are in ‘Vegas, as You have fun i will do without whatever i can so i will be able to tribute towards Your pleasure. i pray in thanks to You for these wonderful teasing clips You bless us with.

  167. Kyaas_bard says:

    Divine and Holy Living God Kyaa, devoted Kyaaists’ all over the world kneel in united worship of Your Holy perfection. Praying in thanks and Praise as we bask in the glory of Your light. i lay prostrate at Your Holy feet face to the floor undeserving of the privilege of looking at Your Perfection, i pray that i will become a better and more devout Kyaaist an apostle of Your Holy church and help spread the truth of The One True Religion, KYAASIM !

  168. Nick says:

    Oh wow Goddess Kyaa, your tease video today is amazing and you are so beautiful. I would love the opportunity to worship you!! I would love to be locked in that cage and yes, you are correct. I do wish.

  169. alex200 says:

    what a great and undeserved honor to be allowed to worship the goddess today. i underwent a metamorphosis to an unworthy worm, bathing in the filthy mess i made. thx you so much goddess kyaa!

  170. Kyaas_bard says:

    i am eternally on my knees calling out Your Holy name in prayer, thanking and praising You for Your kindness. All i am and all i have is Yours Divine One.

  171. goodboy4kyaa says:

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    i pray You will put this video on kinkbomb and could not help but to also pray there is a longer version of this video,,20-30 min.haha WOW! i confess when my loser eyes see Your Perfection like this,i helplessly get greedy and cannot get enough. This prelude to Worship video reminds me of Your video “A View of Heaven” from February 16th 2011.Thank You Goddess Kyaa.

  172. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You for this Fridays/saturday [mid morning] Worship tease video Goddess Kyaa,once again it did the trick.1:29 of pure nirvana,everything is beating normal again.

  173. Kyaas_bard says:

    Diving Living GOD it breaks my heart to kneel here before You and see what i have missed.
    i am unworthy of Your divine kindness to me, i will pray in thanks to You for all You bless me with.
    i worship and adore You.

  174. Kyaas_bard says:

    i kneel before You, Divine Living God Kyaa, and i pray, i pray in thanks and praise, i pray for Your forgiveness of my unworthiness, i pray because i should, because You are Almighty God and i am less than the dirt You walk on. i pray because it fulfils my purpose on earth. i exist to worship You.

  175. piggy slave joe says:

    Wow! This is just too hot to handle! Thank You for sharing, it helps with my loneliness and and ease how much i miss my Goddess.

  176. Kyaas_bard says:

    The sweet giggling outward appearance is very arousing Divine One, especially when one knows just how delightfully cruel and commanding You can be if You so wish. You must of made many new converts and added many new toys to Your ever growing collection of worshippers over this weekend. Every male creature on earth should kneel before You in abject submission to Your Divinity.

  177. minimike says:

    Thank You so much for this and the other tease video you sent! This sissy’s clit stick is hard and throbbing now. Please send other videos and Please let me pay for more! You are like a drug and I am becoming addicted!

  178. Sissyslave4kyaa says:

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  179. sub_ezz says:

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  180. Kyaas_bard says:

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    So many lucky losers are going to finish the weekend wallets empty, free will removed, needing
    only Your control and guidance.
    New converts to The Holy Church of Kyaaism.

  181. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Sometimes i can’t believe You let me be in Your presence,,if i think about it…STOP ! don’t worry about thinking,,,just Obey!

  182. minimike says:

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  183. piggy slave joe says:

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  184. goodboy4kyaa says:

    WOW Very pretty ,,,,,very pretty,,,i like the colors,,and the fingers seem to have so much more passion tonight,,,this is just me speaking,,but You look happy to me Goddess Kyaa with DommeJayne,i notice the little things, That makes me happy ,when You are happy.

  185. minimike says:

    This is a fantastic blog Goddess Kyaa! Thank You for all the updates and tease videos! I see you will be very busy abusing slave with Domme Jayne for the next several days. Please do not forget Your sissy. I have been waiting patiently for so long.

  186. goodboy4kyaa says:

    i was born with,and i am full of sin.i pray and beg for Your forgiveness Goddess Kyaa

  187. Kyaas_bard says:

    All pleasure is for You Divine One, to sacrifice in the hope of amusing You, to reject my dirty habit so my weak mind can focus better upon worshipping You, this is what my life should be.
    Each day You bless us with Your kindness, allowing us to see and hear Your Divine Perfection.
    i kneel and pray in thanks.

  188. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence.Thank You for Sunday’s prelude to Worship video in which Your pure radiance and power is crystal clear.Sunday’s videos are also special because You sometimes allow them as a prelude for my daily Worship [Monday,Tuesday etc.] to begin a new week to live to make You happy.Today’s video could be used forever,everyday for all i care. #giggle This is a beautiful video of Your Perfection !

  189. Kyaas_bard says:

    Divine One, Sunday worship is the hight point of the week for the devoted,That You bless us with Your Divine wisdom and images of Your Holy perfection demonstrates Your kindness to those who kneel at Your feet in abject devotion.
    Thank You for all You do for us.
    Praise be to You and Your Holy Church.

  190. Gaurav says:

    Good Morning Goddess! I start yet another day by looking at your face and worshipping you!. Thanks a lot for being there

  191. Gaurav says:

    i am Goddess Kyaa’s indian brownboy servan

    • Kyaas_bard says:

      Accept The Divine One as Your GOD, covert to Kyaaism the one true religion, the truth and the way. Be saved.

  192. Gaurav says:

    Woke up and opened my laptop so that your face is the first I saw to start of my weekend. Feels aweson and honored to get the privilege of serving you. This is only the second day of the rest of my life but already very excited and looking forward to it

  193. Kyaas_bard says:

    Kneeling at Your Holy feet, praying, worshipping, giving thanks to You for granting me the great privilege of been Your possession, owned by You, existing with one thought in mind ” how can i be of use to my beloved owner today” This Divine One is the natural order of things, You and You alone are The Centre of the Universe.
    i worship You.

  194. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence.Thank You for this video today.Please forgive me of my sins.i apologize.

  195. Marc says:

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  197. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence .Thank You for this weekends Devotional Video as a prelude to Worship Your Perfection daily.Amen and Hallelujah. To Praise Your Holy Name is more than i deserve.

  198. piggy slave joe says:

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  199. Kyaas_bard says:

    To make You happy is the reason each and every Kyaaist exists, to provide what ever our God requires is our only purpose in life, to worship amd serve You is our happiness and joy, Kyaaism is the light of the world.

  200. notsotinytim says:

    Very sexy video Goddess Kyaa! I love how you teased us with your perfect ass. Thanks for all the wonderful videos you have made!

  201. goodboy4kyaa says:

    To exist to have the chance to please You and make You happy is more than i deserve Goddess Kyaa.Thank You for fridays/saturday morning Daily Devotional Video.Thank You to be allowed to know of Your existence.

  202. goodboy4kyaa says:

    To exist to have the chance to please You and make You happy is more than i deserve Goddess Kyaa.Thank You to be allowed to know of Your existence.Amen

  203. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for thursday’s Daily Devotional Video which as usual i watched for my morning Worship of Your existence. i Pray to You, to once again on this new day of being allowed to serve You to forgive me of my sins and to thank You for Your gift of salvation.Amen

  204. piggy slave joe says:

    Wow! Another fabulous tease clip! I am yearning for you Goddess so badly this clip makes it hurt. I love how you tease, so sexy, so seductive…you can lure me in for the kill, and oh what a way to go. I would be thankful to die at your beautiful hands any day of the week. Thank You for this tease clip, i will loop and watch as i fade away into a perfect dream!

  205. piggy slave joe says:

    Thank You so much for this video, My Goddess, My Queen, My Mistress, My Owner! As always your amazing beauty had me awe struck. Every tease video is such a wonderful gift to all us who worship the ground you walk on. I loved how you shot it too! Us at your feet looking up at the most beautiful woman on the face of this earth. Words can not describe what happens to me when i gaze upon your beauty! Thank You!

  206. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Many times my loser eyes do not get lucky to see Your Daily Devotional Videos until my Morning Worship of Your Perfection Goddess Kyaa. What a way to begin a new day serving You.You look fantastic in jeans ! To obey You always feels good,so i will not sit here and commit sin,i will go to work for You now…to pay for being born a sinner.

    The tweet about a loser wanting to marry You,,well,,a loser could be “married” to serving You.Could they not ? #giggle If a loser is married to serving You unconditionally,they become Your slave,a piece of Your owned property and will be allowed the privilege to work in Your Sadistic Evil Empire.For better or for worse they live now and forever more to make You happy !
    It is kind of innocently silly if a loser is thinking “married” to You..like Dick and Jayne,lol,. But he may want to know that a slave is allowed to “love “You and that is more than i deserve. Your collar locked permanently locked around my neck ,,is Your ring…so to speak ? giggle

    Goddess Kyaa You are the only Woman i will love.
    From this day forward i pledge myself to You,body,mind and soul.
    By taking Your collar i willingly submit myself to You for the rest of my life,until the day i die.
    i will live to please You and only You Goddess Kyaa.
    Thank You for allowing me to wear Your collar with Your Name engraved forever in it.
    It is a great honor that from this day forward i will wear Your Name around my neck.
    August 5th 2011

  207. Kyaas_bard says:

    You grow more beautiful every day Divine One, more beautiful and kind.. We,the devoted are so lucky to be Yours.

  208. FootboyM4Kyaa says:

    OMG..this is the definition of BEAUTY!! You are a true Goddess, the most beautiful and perfect Woman in the world..You deserve everything in life..thank You Goddess!

  209. FootboyM4Kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this stunning beautiful pics! You are a Goddess, and it’s imposible not to fall..thank You. You have everything from me: my cash, my cum and my pride. I’m Yours to do whatever You want with me.

  210. goodboy4kyaa says:

    What a beautiful photo of You Goddess Kyaa ! Stunning ! my jaw did drop open.Wow ! Thinking back to that day with Your strapon monster,,believe me i tried and wanted to get closer to You but thing is enormous.It did surpize me, ,i just could not fit anymore down my whore throat.So close to You, yet so far. #blush

  211. Shaun says:

    Amazing web site surrender losers

  212. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence.Thank You for today’s Devotional Video as a prelude to Worship Your Perfection.Thank You for Your gift of salvation for my filthy soul and for the opportunity to pay You for my sins,then to beg for Your forgiveness and live my pathetic life to have the chance to make You happy.Amen

  213. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence.Thank You to be allowed to kneel and pray to You daily, Thank You for today’s Daily Devotional Video to feed and nurture my filthy soul. Thank You for the privilege to Worship Your Body.

    In todays video as i am praying for Your forgivness for looking up, staring between Your thighs seeing a heaven that i do not even think of entering, fully aware that to even look at Your body is more than i deserve,i also hear Your words of comfort .That yes ,,You will allow me to pay You for my sins, for the chance to make You happy ,therefore turning filthy perverted sin into forgiven sacred cum. Amen

  214. goodboy4kyaa says:

    It is mind boggling to me how the bottom photo of You enjoying life looks so warm and cozy,and then the top photo,after alcohol is mixed in looks so cruel and heartless. #loserthoughts. Evil,Sadistic Women mixed with alcohol, kind of scares me.It really does.Time to hide somewhere.#giggle When You are in that kind of mood ,i would just try to stay out of sight. [“hope She just forgets about me” hehe] maybe they will get drunk and pass out,haha] Being Your sissy bitch,just seems more up my alley…so to speak..But,,i just Obey.What the hell do i know.

  215. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence therefore giving me the chance to live to make You happy.Thank You for today’s tease video as a daily reminder that only through You can pathetic lives be changed

  216. jack121212jack says:

    in simple words you are a perfection….and to be able to worship you is the goal of my life…there are many worst things happened to me in my child hood ….im glad that to be your slave is the best moment of my life….im still very young but when i start my career after my college..the first thing that i will do is to tribute and send most expensive gifts to you…till then i will not consider my self a slave , but wanna be slave…devoted entire life to you…

  217. goodboy4kyaa says:

    First and foremost.Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence. In a way i am quite a fright getting spoiled by You with these daily devotional videos of Your pure,sexy,evil and sadistic Perfection.It is almost to good to be true,but i see You ,so it is true.Yesterday in a pretty summer dress,today in sadistically hot lingerie !

    i see Your daily videos 9 times out of 10 early the next morning after dreaming of You all night long, with my filthy sin in hand,then to wake up and see a gift from You is more than i deserve to say the least.Being the filthy sinner i am,my loser thought this morning was ” oh Goddess Kyaa please forgive me for being a selfish piggy,but i wish You were on NF 7 days a week 365 days a year,i would without hesitation surrender to You my filthy cum filled my balls and chain to be locked in Your steel cage and just watch You take NF calls all night long”. NIRVANA !

    i am so addicted to You,in every video i can tell by the tone of Your voice,what kind of mood You are in,if You are drinking or not drinking,happy or mad,cruel or kind.Today You are crystal clear,sadistically seductive,ready to rule Your Empire in all Your stunning glory.[ i could be all wrong,just saying it is how i saw today’s gift from You]

    And finally,he,not to sound like an old broken record,Your Perfection once again makes the dark spectacular.! The black background ,especially with daily videos ,to me,is very effective.Seek the forgiveness and salvation of Goddess Kyaa.

    Then i get nervous thinking,i pray all losers that watch this video ,a gift from You,go buy at least one video from KB.Even if it is $5.i hope they realize these daily teases are a gift from You. Of course if they Obey You,then i have nothing to fret about. Thank You Goddess Kyaa

  218. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence and for this daily devotional video as a Prelude to Worship Your Perfection.Thank You for reforming my mind with Your Pure Sadistic Evil so that i can serve You better each day and have the chance to be used and abused by You for Your pleasure.

    To have the privilege to see You looking carefree,classy and oh so sexy in Your pretty summer dress as it flairs up and sways every time You move giving seductive glimpses of Your silky thighs is more than i deserve.i freely surrender my cash,cum and all of my pride to You. Amen!

  219. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Once again Goddess Kyaa, with You sitting on Your throne in a solid black background is captivating.It sends a powerful message that there is nothing without You.That You and only You are the light of the dark.Nothing else matters.

    With me being a early morning riser in Your Evil,Sadistic Empire,Your daily devotional videos are a prelude,a call to prepare for my daily Morning Worship of Your Existence.

    #loserthoughts Thinking about the first two photos of You sitting on Your throne and how powerful they would also look with a solid black background, in the Sanctuary of Your Church,filling all empty wall space with movie size 24×36 framed portraits of Your Power and Perfection.

  220. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this daily devotional video.With the complete black background ,Your Pure,Sadistic,Perfection makes the dark bright. It is amazing what 1:33 of Your Power can do to me.i Pray that You would please forgive me of my filthy sins. .Amen . Praise the name of Goddess Kyaa !

  221. Kyaas_bard says:

    my loser heart is pounding like mad as i kneel below You Divine One, looking up at Total perfection, so far above me so totaly an utterly unatainable for a nothing like me, the simple act of kneeling and praying to Your Holy image is an honour i am blessed to be alowed.
    Thank You for Your kindness Divine Goddess Kyaa.

  222. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Hope You and Your Girlfriend had a great evening Goddess Kyaa.Thank You for today’s photo of Your Perfection of which the focus for my loser eyes today is Your beautiful full lips and Your pretty finger, which is my way of life.When i see Your finger i am comforted.When i see Your lips….i dream.#blush

  223. Kyaas_bard says:

    Goddess, thank You so much for taking the time to bless us with Your wisdom and beauty !

  224. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for one minute and forty five seconds of Your Pure Radiance in today’s Daily Devotional Video.

  225. goodboy4kyaa says:

    These 3 photos of You prove to me once again i am an unworthy filthy sinner and it is more than i deserve to Worship Your Perfection.is The second i saw the middle photo,i thought,”i have not seen this photo before” now i know why.You made me smile Goddess Kyaa when You say it is friday the 9th, when it is/was friday the 13th.Dates do not matter to me because everyday is a day to live to try and make You happy.Everyday for me is a day to Pay,Obey and Worship Goddess Kyaa.

  226. Kyaaistfootlover says:

    Goddess Kyaa has been so kind to help me in serving her. Thank you so much for your guidance Goddess.

  227. mila6200 says:

    Thank You, Goddess Kyaa, for the most beautiful images you share with Your servants! All i can think or do is to worship You!!!

  228. Sissyslave4kyaa says:

    I am despite to be your English sissy slave.

  229. loserjerry says:

    i want to alway be on my knees and a obedient cash cock for Goddess Kyaa

  230. mila6200 says:

    What a wonderful day! Reading this Page of Yours and worshiping…! Thank You, Goddess Kyaa!

  231. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Good morning Goddess Kyaa. Thank You for spoiling my loser eyes with Your soft,luscious,young body before the sun rises at the southern front of Your Empire.Thank You for filling my sissy mind with Your soothing voice, the voice of GOD Herself, giving me the direction that i seek and need in order for You to continue to transform me into a useful piece of Your property.

    What i took away from this Daily Devotional Video is,,,i am envious of Your footstool Goddess Kyaa.#giggle Please remove my sins from me and mold me into Your footstool,if it be Your will Goddess Kyaa. Seriously,dah, How You choose to use me,is not for me to decide. Amen.

  232. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You for teasing me today Goddess Kyaa.Thank You for allowing me to Worship Your Perfect Body. You look so yummy.[maybe not use that word ? giggle] ..i mean fantastic !

  233. Sissyslave4kyaa says:

    Please get back to me goddess kyaa

    • Domme Kyaa says:

      Contact me directly via email after purchasing my Rules of Conduct to begin serving me.

      • Sissyslave4kyaa says:

        Goddess kyaa please can you tell me how I can buy your rules of conduct so I can start worshiping you how you deserve to be, I am absolutely gagging to serve you, I’m begging you for a moment of your time goddess kyaa sorry.

    • goodboy4kyaa says:

      haha ok, that would be Goddess Kyaa,it pisses me off to no end to see losers not capitalize Her name.Nothing i can do about it,but expose it

  234. Sissyslave4kyaa says:

    I can honestly say I have never been so devoted to a girl like I have with you, I no you would never dream of talking to a complete sissy loser like me in the street and i am one of them lurking losers but from now on I will worship your beautiful being.

  235. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Before i even begin to read Your words [here or twitter],naturally the first thing my loser eyes see is Your curls ,wondering who did that for You.giggle.You did ! They give You a harmless,fresh,innocent look, giving no clue that You are evil and sadistic.Thank You Goddess Kyaa.
    i like the use of Your mirror in this photo.[ i think that is a mirror,unless i am seeing a mirage ] In Your video Edge For My Sunlit Body, You also use a mirror,360 degrees of Your Pure Evil Sadistic Perfection.Perfect !

  236. josh says:

    thank you goddess kyaa

  237. goodboy4kyaa says:

    That sure is a pretty,pretty dress Goddess Kyaa .i like when long dresses “flow” down Your body.

  238. FootLovingFreak says:

    Thank you for this update Goddess Kyaa. I cant wait for you to return but it is great to know you will be having a good time. You are just perfection Goddess

  239. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to both suffer and sacrifice while You are out and about traveling and living the good life.To suffer while You are away for two weeks and yet still be allowed to sacrifice my cash, cum and pride is more than i deserve.

  240. Thank You for this photo Goddess Kyaa.You look like ” going downtown” sassy and care free,What i really like about these natural photos is they can go in the “mainstream” house.#giggle. It’s like YES ! Thank You Goddess Kyaa ! Compared to Your risque photos ,i love those too,but they are more for the back room. #blush

  241. oops,stupid spell check. it’s “Kyaaist”,,i did spell check a couple times,looking for a certain word and i missed it.i know they always spell it wrong and i usually catch it.They need to update spell check.It is Kyaaist

  242. ohhh Goddess Kyaa do You ever look incredible ! The classic song “Downtown” popped into my loser mind. Sexy- flirty,taunting, soft,sensual and dare i say,as practicing Kaist ,scary to me, only because i know without a shadow of a doubt, that You own my body,mind and filthy soul .That You are Pure, Evil and Sadistic and You will use me as You see fit. Humbly scared is a way to describe it.To be so unworthy and yet, blessed at the same time, to be claimed as a piece of Your property.

    Believe it or not,to me,the 20 seconds of silence at the beginning of this video was powerful.It was like ” Silence,Prepare to Worship and Surrender to The Only True God.Goddess Kyaa”.[like when a judge walks into a court room.giggle.] Except ,You are the only true judge of perverted rotten souls.No judge,no jury, only Goddess Kyaa !

    Thank You for this video and Your gift of Salvation.

  243. sub_ezz says:

    YOU know how to make heads spin, how to take over souls and how make hearts chant YOUR Name.

  244. Peter says:

    Thank you for this first daily video. They will feed my Kyaa addiction even more and will probably give my no chance anymore to get out of this. But the truth is, I don’t even want to, I need my only true goddess, Goddess Kyaa.
    Thank you for keeping me the way i became thanks to you.

  245. tippunk says:

    Love your voice. It’s calm and sensual yet self assured and commanding. I crumbled after the first few syllables.

  246. Those daily video’s? It was like…5 $ whatever it was ,to see You and hear You speak! priceless! i felt so guilty.hehe i feel better now that You own my body,mind and soul.

  247. Yes! i do remember those days of Your daily videos.To be honest,that is where it began,[today i have the privilege to have Your collar locked around my neck forever] a bitch has to obey You to get the full “effect” of Your perfection. Back then though, it used to be click,pay,stroke.Now which i like better ,it is pay,obey,and maybe! That is a Goddess ! my Goddess Kyaa ! Thank You so much Goddess Kyaa !

  248. Thank You Goddess for this site. i must learn to be a real sissy maid

  249. Well,not many things fool me Goddess Kyaa,[hehe haha ]but i thought Your old phone had a front facing camera.That fooled me from all the photos You have been to so nice to let us see over the past two years.i could be wrong ,i think that Your old phone was about two years old,maybe a little less.I remember when You got it.Thank You for Your direction for today and i hope You have a great day!

  250. Thank You for Your direction on how to make You happy for today.To live to make You happy always feels good and i more than i deserve.

  251. You look fantastic Goddess Kyaa ! Everytime i see You,i melt

  252. womenrule says:

    That is really an amzing pic Goddess! Thank You for posting it! Good luck on Your website it is awesome!

  253. i started at the beginning april 2008 i am up to may 5th 2010.This is incredible Goddess Kyaa

  254. Kyaasfootboy says:

    Thank You for this website, Goddess. It’s really an honor for Your army of slaves..more to worship, more to adore, more to submit and more to be humiliated and degraded in Your honor.
    I’m so grateful for the opportunity of being Your footboy, for the honor of worshipping them every day and every night, and I barely can control myself when I see Your perfect lovely feet in top of this site. Again, thank You Goddess. I’m forever at Your feet, and Your site will only deepen even more my addiction to Your feet.

  255. maid says:


    Congratulations to You – and especially to all us pathetic losers! Now we have one central altar where we can worship You – The True Goddess in our humble lives

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