Schedule, Session Protocols & Rates

Worship & Obey

Before you even think of being granted the honor of speaking with me or seeing me in a private webcam session you must read my Rules of Conduct.
You will find my session schedule as well as session protocols. These are vital guidelines on how to set up a session and how to conduct yourself.

Current Schedule:

I will be available for webcam sessions and phone calls during the posted hours below. I may also be available outside these hours for additional sessions at my whim or by request with additional tribute. If my phone lines are busy or I am not responsive to requests within these hours, I am already in a session. Send a tribute and be polite to get my attention, it is always the best way.
January 2024
Friday-Sunday: 2pm EST – 1am EST
Mon/Thurs: Only by request/at my whim
(Always check my Twitter for the most recent updates & information!)

How to Contact Me for Phone or Webcam

The easiest way to contact me for a phone call or webcam session is to call me on NiteFlirt. Sign up using the link below and call me now. I’ll add you on Skype and in moments you’ll be worshiping my private HD webcam, speaking directly to me!
Click here sign up for NiteFlirt! When you sign up using this link I will get an extra $50 once you add $50 to your new account.
Call Goddess Kyaa for phone sex on
Sessions may be arranged within the posted hours by emailing me or contacting me on messenger. Tell me what time you would like to begin your session, what type of session and how long. I will inform you of my availability and if I choose to accept your session request, allow you to send payment. Once it is paid your session is arranged and it is your responsibility to be present at the agreed upon time, fully ready and in the proper submissive headspace for the session. Being absent or tardy will result in the loss of all of your session payment. No refunds under any circumstances.
To arrange a phone or webcam session outside of the posted hours you simply need to email me and pay at least 12 hours in advance of the session the full rate. Additional fees will be added for sessions outside of the posted hours.

How to View my Private Webcam

  • I primary use Skype for webcam sessions. Only my Inner Circle may use FaceTime or WhatsApp voice or video calls. All others may use Skype.
My Skype ID is $2 when purchased on Niteflirt through my pay-mail system. If you are arranging a webcam session without using Niteflirt I will give you my Skype ID after you have paid in full for your first session. To get my Skype ID prior to arranging and paying for a session you may send me a $10 tribute with a request for it. I use Skype for my private webcam sessions with an HD webcam, high quality audio and a high speed internet connection. I do my sessions from my home studio where I have professional lighting, a massive collection of fetish wear, toys and gear. Before your first webcam session you should add me to Skype ahead of time so that you do not waste time in your session.
  • When using Skype keep in mind it is for paid sessions only. Do not message me on skype without first sending a minimum $10 chat fee. Once you have paid the minimum fee you may message me regarding questions about sessions or my schedule.
  • When you call my Niteflirt phone-with-cam line you will wait to speak until after I introduce myself. Then state your name and send me a message on Skype with your NiteFlirt username. I will then call you on Skype. Answer the call to see me and hear my voice.
  • Do not under attempt to call me on Skype or other messenger programs without my direct permission.

Phone and Webcam Session Protocols

  • Always keep my Rules of Conduct in mind. This will help you know generally how I expect you to behave and how to communicate most effectively with me. Respect, honesty and obedience are required at all times.
  • When you schedule and pay for your webcam session in advance you should be online and ready 5 minutes before the session is due to begin. Message me to inform me you are ready for your session as commanded. I will inform you that I am about to initiate the call just before I begin the session. I will then call you and you may answer to see my webcam and hear my voice.
  • Webcam sessions are by default Non-Nude, strictly femdom. Click Here to learn more about my specialties and favorite fetishes. Sensual or soft femdom sessions are possible, though the rate will be higher. Nude goddess worship is possible only for the most respectful fans, at a premium rate.
  • I wear whatever I please. I may don anything from expensive lingerie to latex, bikinis, casual wear, workout gear or pajamas. To get a preview of what I am wearing you may send a $10 tribute and email me, send a direct message on NiteFlirt or my premium fanclub. Occasionally I will post previews of what I am wearing to my social media as well. Specific outfits are available upon request, with additional fees. See my Rates below. To request a specific outfit you must contact me at least 30 minutes before your session to arrange it.
  • Consider what you want out of the session ahead of time. Are you seeking an intense bdsm webcam session, a quick JOI¬† or a casual chat? Communicate this to me prior to or at the beginning of your session with me.
  • Be aware and open about your limits. This includes your budget, time constraints, your physical abilities and situational limitations (ie, if you need to be silent during our sessions.) Communicate this to me prior to or at the beginning of your session with me.
  • Be prepared. I’ve already mentioned being ready 5 minutes before any prearranged session, but more than that be ready for your session. Have any toys or outfits you wish to use prepared. Have your technology updated, charged and ready to use. Test your camera and mic. Insure your internet connection is stable.
  • Before you touch yourself, fuck yourself or otherwise pleasure yourself in any way you must ask permission.
  • Before you orgasm you must ask permission.
  • Before you show any nudity or do anything explicit on webcam you must ask permission. Absolutely do not show me your dick without my permission.
  • Never try to tell me what to do. This is in my Rules of Conduct under #2. This specifically is important to remember during sessions. Ask politely and respectfully, with a willingness to pay tribute to earn your request. It can be as simple as wanting to see me flip you off. Don’t tell me to do it. ASK politely.

Session Rates

The rates listed below are my starting rates, this is the minimum you will pay to see me. Any session outside the posted hours, special requests for outfits or props will result in a raised rate. I may also raise the rate at any time at my whim.
Look at my list of Preferred Websites to see all the payment methods that are available.
NiteFlirt calls: $2.99 per minute, starting
NiteFlirt phone-with-cam line: $4.99 per minute.
Direct payments for phone/voice only calls 5-60 minutes: $3 per minute
Direct payments for webcam sessions 5 minutes – 60 minutes: $5 per minute
Direct payments for webcam sessions, +60 minutes: $250 per hour
Outfit requests: $100 or more depending on your request. I have a massive wardrobe! Make your request and you will have a chance to see me in your favorite fetish wear.
Special props: $50 or more depending on your request. I have a huge collection of kinky gear, toys and other fetish items. To see me in a strap-on cock, showing off chastity devices, crushing food or whatever your kinky mind craves you but need to request and pay the appropriate fee.
So, as you can see – if you’d like to just ring me up when I happen to be online for a quick jerk-off session, you will pay more per minute. Those of you who wish to arrange longer, potentially more intense, sessions may do so at an adjusted rate.