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Soon you will find information on how to become my slave on this page.

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  1. I seek to be taken, broken, brainwashed, then reprogrammed to my owners spefications. Legally sign over all assets no way out slave for life. 24/7/365 FLR.

  2. Slave Mani says:

    I want to worship your feet, suck your toes, beaten by you. I want to dedicate my life and belongings to you, please accept me as your pet Slave my Goddess. I worship you like my true God, you are my religion now on🛐

  3. Wayne Watson says:

    Yes ma’am I am very interested in becoming yours

  4. Ryan says:

    Mistress kyaa turns me into a slave just looking at her

  5. Robert says:

    I wanna fuck your pussy

    • Brian Walker says:

      No, I want to! And kiss her legs, and stare at her as she moves them so slowly, so deliberately as I swell up. She has dominated my thoughts for 12 years now. I want her.

  6. Aleksandar Ski says:

    I want to suck your toes and eat from your ass, then i want you to fuck me in the arse with a strap on dildo…

  7. joe pisse says:

    i serve you! spank me put me in diaper i do anything to please you goddess kyaa!!!

  8. Scott says:

    I’m so longing to serve you, please let me be your slave

  9. John says:

    I found this a bit late but i’am very surprised .
    Now i feel realy a bit Sorry!

  10. Dalton says:

    I am forever yours

  11. Mario says:

    Hi Goddess Kyaa I want to be your slave pliz

  12. Caleb says:

    You have full control over me now

  13. Caleb says:

    I am now forever your slave

  14. thetool2334 says:

    Dear Mistress Kyaa. I know you are irrestable and superior to me. I am very respectful and i know my place. Im new to your site but i have seen clips of you. Astonishing. I will never be rude but i want to beg for permission to ask you something
    I know i dont desetve this but i felt i could ask or beg in the proper way so as not to be like the other male dogs. If you will allow me to ask this please let me know
    Or how ever you want slave to get your answer. The question will be tastefull snd respectful
    It will.not be dirty ot sexusl or about nudity in any way
    Please may i ask Mistress Kyaa. I will tribute as soon as i can
    Waiting for my checks. Was in a life threatening situation in hospital for 38 days and in bed still but i am getting better
    Thinking of being a foot slave has kept me going
    Thats why i decided not to be so afraid of talking to Mistress goddess
    I was snd still are a gentleman and a funny guy you can show off like your clown
    Well Mistress Kayy, this slave will wait and hopefully we shall speak or communicate

  15. shoeb malik says:

    Goddess Khaa I want to be your property your devotee please give a place in your temple

  16. Isaac Freund says:

    Putt me on a diaper

  17. Kenneth says:

    Id love to be yours completely all yours and u can do whatever u would like to me.

  18. Jeff says:

    Goddess, I desperately want to owned by you as a sissy slave. Please accept me!

  19. Micheal says:

    I’d love to clean your ass domme kyaa

  20. Micheal says:

    Please make me yours.

  21. DEAR GODDESS KYAA, You got so tiny hands that i really wanna try my first fisting under ur whip

  22. Steve Ray says:

    Goddess,hile secretly

    Viewing your site sent rivers of fear and excitement coursing through my veins. It would be and honor to tremble on my knees before you and beg you to accept your tribute while secretly hoping that you would trun me into your obedient sissy slave

  23. STEFFAN THOMAS says:

    Hello mistress, i would love to be your sissy slave! I’ll do anything for you mistress and I’ll pay you mistress!

  24. Zack says:

    I want you to dominate me so bad

  25. How does a fetish producer contact you through all the normal “red tape”?

  26. Mo says:

    I want to be yours so badly!

  27. Fadi says:

    Have a nice day my Goddess
    My name is Fadi 38 yo from the middle east i want to be your own feet and house slave licking sucking and sniffing your fascinating feet soles and your sexy toenails and your thriller high pumps and mules , iam very good at daily home chores washing cleaning and ironing .
    Iam ready to sign a slavery contract with u to be your own feet and house slave forever
    Your feet slave

  28. DaN says:

    Vous ĂȘtes belle, sublime, resplendissante. Je supplie d’ĂȘtre sous vos pieds pour vous servir. Ma vie doit ĂȘtre au service d’une dĂ©esse qui me contrĂŽle. Et petit Ă  petit … une DĂ©esse qui contrĂŽle plus et plus mes dĂ©penses, mes revenus financiers, mes sorties, mes hobby, mes relations … ma vie. Peut-ĂȘtre qu’un jour … chaque chose que je ferai le sera parce que vous me l’avez autorisĂ©. Peut-ĂȘtre qu’un jour, je serai ce que vous voulez, comme vous le voulez parce que ma place est de vous honorer, d’obĂ©ir, d’ĂȘtre humiliĂ© et d’accepter mon sort de suivre vos lois qui sont ce qu’il y a de mieux pour moi. Respectueusement

  29. Sam says:

    Do u do private in person foot sessions ?. I live in south Florida and go to all the foot parties. If u do them, the most I can pay is 200 roses for 1 hour.. do

  30. Robert says:

    Just purchased a couple of movies on nite flirt Humanatm. This pig visits Vegas often . Would
    Be your Vegas money slave

  31. Hazem says:

    Hi goddess kaya

  32. Hazem says:

    Hiiii goddess kaya

  33. Bjohn says:

    Perfect domme!
    Young, sexy, stylish, lesbian, great thin body and legs, great talker/intelligent, smart enough to pay off our fantasies- and very creative. Would love to do a custom web session to taste her magnificence.

  34. Ben says:


  35. Stevie says:

    goddess Kyaa,

    I would love to do a webcam as soon as possible this morning. You wearing the black outfit flipping me off turned me on. I really like verbal humiliation and sph. I am a trained Slave and have read the rules of conduct

    Please give me instructions to make this happen

    Thanks ,

  36. Clownhead says:

    I pray that my efforts pleased You today
    I know i am not worthy and
    should always do more
    I pray that the worst part of Your day was infinitely better than the best part of my day
    You inhabit my dreams
    If my last breath comes tonight
    May Your name be on my lips
    And Your laughter in my ears
    As I expire.Hail goddess KYAA

  37. alfhh says:

    Goddess Kyaa, to become yours one day would be a dream and maybe this dream comes true one day. I do not know if I am worthy enough for you my goddess, but I will worship and service you with all my power.In deepest devotion and humility Alfons

  38. Joe says:

    Thank you

  39. Mark Duff says:

    not sure how to begin
i will make it up to you in tribute…

  40. Norm says:

    Goddess, I don’t care how long it takes, I will bookmark this page and check back constantly until you’re ready to explain how I can become your obedient slave.

  41. khiron bruno says:

    Goddess Kyaa please make me go crazy,insane,mad out of my mind cumming on your bare evil feet soles forever for real please, i love cumming on women evil bare feet soles, please jerk me off until i go crazy out of my mind and cum all over the place please the biggest loser in the world khiron bruno

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