My Fetish Interests, A-Z

Worship & Obey

I’ve compiled an extensive list of my fetish interests and listed them alphabetically. Understand that while this list covers a wide range of BDSM, kinks, fetishes and fetish wear, it is in no way comprehensive! If you are interested in something that isn’t on this list, just ask me about it. I may even add it to the list!

24/7 slavery

Abduction fantasies, abrasion play, accents (specifically I enjoy dominating men with accents), anal play (anal beads, anal chastity, anal domination, anal hooks, anal sex, anal stretching, anal training), androgyny, arm binders, armpit fetish, ass (ass fetish, ass smother, ass smelling, ass teasing, ass worship), attention (denying, giving and/or getting), auralism

Ball abuse, ball gags, ball kicking, ball stretching, ball busting, ballet shoes, bare bottom spankings, bare handed spanking, barefoot, bathroom use control, BDSM, begging, behavior modification, belt spanking, belt whippings, ben wa balls, bimboification, bisexuality, biting, blackmail fantasies, blindfolds, body bag, body hair, body modification, body paint, body worship, bondage, bondage equipment, bondage tape, bondage rope, boot fetish, boot licking, boot worship, boss/secretary fantasies, brainwashing, branding, bratty femdom fetish, breast worship, breath play, burlesque, butt plugs

Caging/confinement, candle wax, caning, castration, catheters, catsuits, CBT, chains, chastity, chastity devices, chastity keyholder, chastity training, cheerleading uniforms, chocolate, choking, cigarette torture, clamps/clips, claws, cling film, clits (clit fingering, clit licking, clit spanking, clit torture), clothespins, clover clamps, cock and ball torture, cock milking, cock slapping, collars, collared slaves, control, corner-time, corporal punishment, corsets (wearing and making you wear), corset cinching, corset piercing, corset training, costumes/dressing-up, crawling, crops, cross dressing (both doing it myself and making you do it too!), crucifixion, crying slaves, cuckolding, cum control, cum denial, cum draining, cum eating, cunnilingus (receiving from other women, training you to be better at it),

D/s, dacryphilia (crying fetish), defilement, degradation, denim/jeans fetish, depilation/shaving (making you go hairless), diaper training, dildos, discipline, doctor/nurse fantasies, domestic servitude, domination, double penetration, douching, duct tape

E-Stim, edge play, electrical play, electrotorture, emotional sadism, encasement, enemas, erotic hypnosis, exicutrix, exhibitionism, extreme domination, extreme fantasies, eye contact restrictions

Face fucking (using dildos, strap-ons, etc), face sitting/smothering, face slapping, facial hair restrictions, fear, feathers, feet, female domination, female supremacy, femdom, fetish, fetish wear, figging, findom, financial control, financial domination, financial slavery, fingering, fingernails, fire play, fishnet pantyhose, fisting, flashing, flirting, flogging, foot domination, foot fetish, foot humiliation, foot massage, foot smelling, foot worship, forced bi fantasies, forced exercise, forced feminization, forced masturbation, forced nudity, forced orgasms, forced servitude, forced smoking, forniphilia (human furniture fetish), freckles, French maids, fur fetish, fur worship

Gags, gang bang, gangbangs, gas masks, geeks, gender play, genital piercings, genital torture, genital transformation, glass dildos, glasses, glory hole, gloves, golden showers, Gor, Gorean slave positions, gothic fantasies, grooming, group domination, group humiliation, group sex, groveling slaves, gun play

Hair, hair bondage, hair pulling, hairbrushing, hairbrush spanking, handcuffs, hand fetish, hemp rope bondage, high heels, high protocol, hoods, hook suspension, hot/cold play, hot oil, human ashtray, human doll, human furniture, human toilet, humiliation, humor, hypno, hypnosis, hypnotic domination

Ice dildos, ice play, ignore, impact play, infantilism, infidelity, inflatables, intelligence, internal enslavement, interracial domination, interracial sex, interrogation fantasies

Japanese Bondage, jeans, jeans fetish, jerk off denial, jerk off games, jerk off instructions, JOI

Kicking, kidnapping roleplay, kilts, kinky, kissing, kneeling, knife play, knives

Lace, large toys, latex, leather, leaving marks, legs, lesbian domination, librarians, light bondage, lingerie, lipstick, liquor, lycra/spandex

Magic, Maid fantasies, maid uniforms, makeup fetish, making custom videos, male submission, manipulation, masks, masochism, masturbation control, masturbation denial, masturbation instructions, medical play, medieval torture devices, mental bondage, mesmerize, mesmerizing slaves, metal bondage, military fantasies, military uniforms, mind control, mind fucking, Mistress/slave, mistresses with strap-ons, mommy/boy fantasies, mommy/girl fantasies, multiple orgasms, mummification, muscle worship, muscles

Necks, needle play, nerdy boys, nerdy girls, nipples, nipple torture, nudity control, nun/priest fantasies, nurse costumes, nurse/doctor fantasies, nylons

Obedience Training, objectification, online domination, online humiliation, online submission, oral sex, orgasm control, orgasm denial, orgies, OTK spankings, outdoor bondage, outdoor domination, outdoor sex, paddling, pain, panties, panty-sniffing, pantyhose/stockings

Pay pigs, pay pig training, pay to serve, pay to worship, pegging, percussion play, pet play fantasies, pet training, petticoats, phone domination, phone humiliation, photography, piercings, piggy play fantasies, pigtails, pin-up, pinching, pirate fantasies, play piercings, play punishment, polyamory, pony play, pony training, porn, posture collars, power exchange, predator/prey, predicament bondage, pressure points, pro domme, prostate massage, prostate milking, protocol, Psycholagny (touchless orgasms), pubic hair, pubic hair control, pubic hair shaving, public domination, public humiliation, public play, punching, puppy play fantasies, puppy training, pursuit take-down & capture, pussy denial, pussy worship, PVC

Queen worship, queening, queer

Religious domination, religious humiliation, religious play, remote-control devices, restraints, Retifism (arousal for shoes/footwear), riding crops, rimming, rituals, robot fantasies, robot slaves, role play, rope bondage, rough sex, rubber

Sacred sexuality, sadism, sadomasochism, sapiosexuality (attraction to intelligence), saran-wrap bondage, satin, scarf bondage, scarification, scent, schoolgirl, schoolgirl uniform, scratching, seduction, self-bondage instructions, sensation play, sensory deprivation, sensual domination, sensual play, sensual/slave dances, sensualism, service, service-oriented submission, sex, sexual objectification, sexual slavery, shackles, shaving, shemale fantasies, shibari, shoe fetish, silk fetish, single tail whips, sissification, sissy panties, sissy training, skirts, slapping, slave bells, slave brands, slave collars, slave piercings, slave tattoos, slavery, sleep, slut training, small penis humiliation, small tits, smothering, snuggling, socks fetish, sounding, sounds, spandex, spanking, speculums, speech restriction, spiritual bdsm, spitting, spreader bars, squirting, staples, stockings, strap-ons, submission, subspace, superheroes, suspension, suspension bondage, sweat fetish, sybian

Taboo, talking dirty, tattoos, teacher/student fantasies, tearing off clothing, tears, teasing, tens unit, threesomes, tickling, tit worship, toe curling, toe pointing, toe spreading, toenails, toes, toilet slavery, tongues, total power exchange, touching, toys, trance induction, trampling, transformation fantasies,

Uncut cock humiliation, underarms, uniforms, urethral fucking, urethral sounds

Vacuum bed, vacuum pumping, vampire fetish, velvet, verbal humiliation and degradation, vibrators, vintage lingerie, violet wand, voice worship, voyeurism

Wartenberg pinwheels, water torture, wax, webcam, webcam domination, whipping, witches, whips, wrestling, writing erotica


11 Responses

  1. i know after many years of jerking off to femdom, findom, hypo, poppers, boots leather latex, my purpose is to be a broken brainwashed reprogrammed owned controlled slave for life.
    when drunk in public i stare at big tits, boot, heels…
    i would legally sign over all my assets just to be able to kiss Your boots in public

  2. M says:

    Ring fetish… slave dreams about kneeling in front of the Holy Goddess and kiss a big, massive Goddess ring on Goddess Kyaa’s rangefinder… pledging eternal obedience, devotion and loyalty!

  3. Todd says:

    I want to be owned by you

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  5. jaywright550 says:

    Thank you Goddess Kyaa didn’t realise there were so many fetishes out there Goddess Kyaa and would love to experince them with you. Please enlightening me Goddess Kyaa. Please teach me things I didn’t know existed Goddess Kyaa. Widen my mind please Goddess Kyaa 😃

  6. […] My Fetish Interests, A-Z […]

  7. […] I actually made a page on my website with a huge list of my favorite fetishes. Here is the link. Everything on that list is something I am interested in, to some degree or another. […]

  8. […] I actually made a page on my website with a huge list of my favorite fetishes. Here is the link. Everything on that list is something I am interested in, to some degree or another. […]

  9. goodboy4kyaa says:

    Thank You Goddess Kyaa. This proves without a shadow of doubt that You are the One and Only true God. With You anything is possible, without You nothing is possible. This makes me tingle inside and out with an insatiable [can’t get enough] desire to please You .

  10. piggy slave joe says:

    I had no idea that there were so many kinds of fetishes. Since falling for Goddess Kyaa a few years back i have been drawn into new fetishes i never knew existed or would excite me so much. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for enlightening me and broadening my small mind.

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